The New F Word, FEMEN

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The New F Word, FEMEN

If you've been have glazing over the headlines lately you will have seen the raucous activities of a topless feminist collective from across the globe. That group, calling itself FEMEN, was actually started five years ago by a Ukrainian activist, Anna Hustol. Hustol was disturbed at the passive role women played in patriarchal Ukrainian society. She fought against female human trafficking and sex toursim that plagued the Ukraine. Hustol had a bold approach to gain attention, topless protests.

Nude protests aren't just a radical feminist lets-burn-our-bra action, it has an historical president in Russia and goes back to the 1912 Doukhobor social movement. The Doukhobors were a Christian sect who reacted against materialism for a more simple natural way of life.

Hustol knew that her fight against "sex tourists, religious institutions, international marriage agencies, perceived sexism and other social, national and international topics" would not be noticed if they just held banners and marched around. Doing it naked did.

In 2008 college aged women joined the ranks and began participating in various naked actions against the Russian Govenment in Kiev, and other parts of the Russian Federation. By 2011 international branches of FEMEN had sprung up across Europe taking on various issues. Most visibly the MSM picked up on the Parisian group protesting Arab sexism;

which caused quite the controversy within more traditional Islamic women's rights activist groups, denouncing the radicalism. And so the world turns.

The latest flare up was the reaction of FEMEN France against the looney suicide of right-wing historian, Dominique Venner. Vernner who had recently penned an op-ed on his website denouncing France's new same-sex marriage law as well as Sharia Law (of course), walked into to Notre Dame Cathedral then shot himself in the mouth in front of hundreds of tourists. The rector of Notre Dame said that this may be the first suicide in the Cathedrals 850 years. Whatever happened to Quasimodo?

The response by FEMEN France  to this ludicrous death was this:

Much like their sisters in spirit, Pussy Riot, the FEMEN ladies are also not anonymous and therefore open to retaliation. This single protester was quickly arrested after her action. Keep an eye on this collective things are only just getting good.