Meet the Bachmanns: The most anti-gay couple in America

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Meet the Bachmanns: The most anti-gay couple in America

If the current field of Republican candidates was in all actuality a race to prove who can hate the gays more – and it certainly seems to be – Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), who now appears to be the front-runner in the race, has everyone beat by a long shot. As we reported to you last week, she has an ace-in-the-hole named Marcus Bachmann; her husband, sole political strategist, stylist and personal shopper.

Thanks to ABC News, The Nation and a group called Truth Wins Out, we now know that the small business that Michele Bachmann is constantly bragging about on the campaign trail is, in fact, an exorcize-the-gay “reparative therapy” racket that passes as a Christian counseling center called Bachmann & Associates, run by her totally straight husband Dr. Marcus Bachmann.

Interestingly, “Dr.” Marcus Bachmann, a real charmer, who is on record as saying that gay people are “barbarians who need to be educated and disciplined,” may not even be a real doctor. He isn’t licensed to practice psychology in Minnesota, which is technically not a problem since the state doesn’t require a license to practice psychology.  The shocker, though, is that there is speculation that calls his credentials into question.

The bigger problem is that his clinics are engaged in so-called reparative therapy, which is a thoroughly discredited method of treatment that seeks to cure gay people of their homosexuality through a combination of prayer, reading scripture and healthy doses of shame-based “behavioral adjustment” where gay men, for instance, are encouraged to “develop” their masculinity.

There is overwhelming evidence that proves reparative therapy doesn’t work as can be seen in the legions of traumatized ex Ex-Gays. I was almost one of them, by the way. Well… not really, but I love the drama of that statement.  My sister, who I suspect was prompted by other family members, attempted a lame and completely disastrous intervention on me where she tried to get me to agree to what was known back

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Wait explain why Bachmann

Wait explain why Bachmann gets tax payer money for running a clinic?

is it a non-profit venture?

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Grace, this article from the Minnesota Independent gives some explanation:

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

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because they treat

because they treat lower-income individuals, while doing christian counseling?



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