May 2014 Horoscope

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May 2014 Horoscope

Now that we've made it through the grand cross, what's next? [–ed.]

No doubt you had to set a new course last month. Even if it cannot be implemented yet (this happens in July), you are beginning to build up your resources and reevaluate your talents. People are interested in you now, whether personally or professionally, so let your fiery personality wow others. It's also about getting clear with your siblings and friends about what you need from them going forward. As we reach the end of the month, with Mars going direct in your relationship house, you will be dying for some loving or sexing or finally say no to a lackluster romance. Invest in yourself (and your home) and you will see your assets rising long­ term. Time to put the love into you so seek out those activities and people who nurture you.

Finally it's your turn to make some noise. You've been working through your philosophical and ethical issues for a while and now that you are aware of the depth of your courage, you can relax and let spirit do the work. Yet, do talk about your abilities and goals as there is a lot of support and energy in your work houses. A slow or deadening job scenario finally gets revived and as long as the situation is good for all, you may jump in full force. Self-talk of a positive nature is highly suggested now and if you remain in a high vibration, you can develop new relationships and friendships that support your goals. Speaking nicely and being receptive to others' words of kindness are the best medicine there is.

After a long haul of angst and chaos due to the cardinal cross energies, you can now sink into some form of relaxation and time out. Let others, primarily friends and burgeoning contacts, do the work of promoting you now. Yes when called upon be sure to articulate your needs, but know that you already have what it takes. If your love life has been confusing or lackluster, with Mars forward motion in your house of love affairs, you can reignite passion with your current paramour or allow new romantic or creative partners entry into your life. Again, save time for work as the aspects are very supportive for developing a new working alliance. Know you are worth it and that the universe supports your dreams and will make sure you get paid!

Slow down and allow your recent forays in media and group endeavors to bear fruit. You are entering a wonderful career period but it is a moment to let others come to you as you've already laid the groundwork. A small part of you may still be undecided, but it is the voice of childhood past. Once the 20th rolls around, you will know that staying focused and centered and confident are your greatest career aces. With Jupiter in your sign for a few more months, be open to the love and abundance the universe wants to deliver your way. All you have to say is "yes".