Margeaux Walter: Crowded

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Margeaux Walter: Crowded

I can't remember how Margeaux Walter ended up at Velvetpark as an intern many years ago but I do remember an enthusiastic, talented young photographer who shot a couple stories for us.

Well, lo and behold, to my surprise and delight I found an email from her in my inbox last week with information to her first solo show at Winston Wächter Fine Art in New York.

Margeaux’s new works Crowded consists of large scale C-prints and lenticulars of people in, well, crowds. The twist, the artist herself portrays every character.

"General Admission" 2009–2010 lenticular 40 x 40

Margeaux says that she likes observing people and how they react in everyday situations. So while she is a stand in for these observations, she doesn’t feel they actually represent her. There is something weirdly meta about the whole effect — you get the sense the photographer is observing herself observing others.

"Cheers," Photographic Lenticular, 40" x 40"

There is also something lonely and eerie about these scenes, or in Walter’s own words, “we are physically close yet emotionally isolated.” A big city experience many of us have everyday.

That Margeaux plays men, women, gender deviant and inter-generational characters adds a queerness that shouldn’t (can’t) be overlooked. While Margeaux says her own gender is somewhere in the “middle” she enjoys the fluidity of exploring identities along the spectrum.

"Commencement" Photographic Lenticular, 36" x 72"

The entire show took almost a year and a half to complete with each image containing 30-40 shots, not to mention hours of photoshopping.

Her influences can no doubt be traced to Cindy Sherman, as well as Martha Rosler, Tony Oursler, Loretta Lux, Gregory Crewdson and Miranda July.

Walter's Studio P.S.1

There is nothing more gratifying that see a young artist develop over the course of a career — even if Margeaux Walter is just at the beginning of her's. Her strides are nothing short of impressive. Margeaux's fresh take on the medium by weaving in new technology in a way that enhances imagery rather than merely dazzles (as so much of new media seems to mistakenly do) points to an optimistic evolution of the photographic medium in the digital age.

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That is im-pres-sive! Looking forward to watching her craft develop.

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Hey!  That is really good

Hey!  That is really good photo art!  Thanks Grace for the review.