March Horoscope

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March Horoscope

We move into a luxurious money period early in the month. Jupiter moves into Taurus on March 6th setting off the larger Jupiter trine Pluto on March 13th. This is the third pass of manifestation and stabilization of a project or dream. The last two trines occured on July 7th and Oct 28th of 2011. Jupiter is responsible in part for some of the temporary economic uptick and if we've done the necessary steps and our idea is grounded in reality and satisfies a real need or desire, we will see it grow exponentially.

On its own, Venus in Taurus will expand and solidfy gains here:

ARIES--your bank account

TAURUS--improved appearance and demeanor

GEMINI--spiritual brownie points

CANCER--greater access to powerful connections

LEO--greater success at work

VIRGO--opportunities abroad

LIBRA--sexual or business collaborations

SCORPIO--a partnership with longterm stability

SAGITTARIUS--health routine and a better office setup

CAPRICORN--the lover or child (yes, pregnancy)

AQUARIUS--real estate, inner security

PISCES--local connections or opportunities to write

The trine aspect involving Jupiter, planet of abundance with Pluto, (powerful associations, corporations) will create the solid foundation for your efforts to date here:

ARIES--amassing capital through your career prospects

TAURUS--aligning your beliefs and your self-expression

GEMINI--dealing with emotional imprints and generational karma

CANCER--the proper marriage between a partner and your life's work; there's someone who wants you to make it big

LEO--if you've set your life up properly and done the apprenticeship, you move into a more professional work arena

VIRGO--development of your creative ideas leads to a more expansive view of the world

LIBRA--by feeling secure in your relationship, you can create the home life you want--and it's different from that of your family

SCORPIO--now that you are more generous with your ideas, you find partners who want to come on board

SAGITTARIUS--the everyday job starts to pay off and more money is on its way

CAPRICORN--if you've become more honest with yourself and your needs, you will attract a person of quality into your life

AQUARIUS--some of the rewards are spiritual, but they lead to a more confident you

PISCES--your words have power and there in an opportunity to reach a larger audience

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