March 2014 Horoscopes

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March 2014 Horoscopes

Mars turns retrograde in Libra on March 1st (firing up resentments and healthy conflict) followed by Saturn retrograde in Scorpio (commitment sagas) on March 2nd and Jupiter turning direct on March 6th (fostering further growth). Read on for more...

It's time to take a look at what's happening ­­ or not­­in your relationship house. You may still be smarting from a love disappointment going back to 2010. You may not have expressed all of your anger and resentment at that time so over the next few months, feel free to let it all out. The universe wants you to partner with an equal and the former relationship did not mesh on that level. Meanwhile, if you are interested in moving or decorating your home, you've got cosmic energy to make that happen. The time before your birthday tends to be a bit of a downer but once the Sun moves into Aries on the 22nd, you will be reenergized and totally in your element to shine!

As an earth sign, you need solidarity and security in your life and where better to start than in how you handle everyday matters. Over the next 1 1/2 years, you will be putting systems into place to make you the mean machine that you are. Relationship­wise, it's time to get serious and either go deeper into a comittment or consider ending the tie. Your personal story is important, it's where you come from and you can create the chosen family and community of your dreams. Despite your calm exterior, you are a firebrand behind the scenes so let your greatest inspirations loose as the spring light brightens.

You may be rethinking a romantic or creative project or considering parenthood for the first or second time. It's important that you have the proper support system in place and you may find early in the month, that that is not the case. No worries, if you desire the connection, you can build it over the next five months. You Do want to give birth the something so see who is on board to collaborate with.  You can make money from the thing you care most about. Despite the retrogrades, there is a lot of energy in your professional house so go out and share your most ambitious and innovative ideas to a welcome audience.

Even though you may be a grownup, there is a part of you that is still stuck in childhood. This so, even more, if you proclaim your disdain or separation from your roots. The family system still has a hold on you and it's time to make your feelings known. You are in a serious moment regarding relationship so it is important that you feel capable of a mature committment. Thankfully, Jupiter in your sign is allowing you to feel more confident and accollades at work give you the sense of accomplishment that you desire in order to show up as an equal partner.

You may be feeling competitive or notice some shade coming from your peers.  Mars travelling through your friends house want you all to clear the air. If you desire a more equal give and take, it's time to speak up and get the associations back on even keel. You are also in a serious nesting mode or deciding that your current living situation is untenable. Whatever you decide, the circumstances may not be totally cleared up until the summer. You are also in a time of questioning your faith and how the world works. Like Cancer, there is a small part of you that feels childlike and insignificant, but that is a remnant of the past. You are amazing and can take your place alongside those you admire most.