Macon Reed's Eulogy for The Dyke Bar

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Macon Reed's Eulogy for The Dyke Bar

Artist Macon Reed opens "Eulogy For The Dyke Bar" at Pulse Contemporary Art fair New York this Thursday March 3rd. This will no doubt be the queer event of the Armory arts week. Reed's immersive installation is an ode to the queer cultural artifact, the lesbian bar, by asking questions as to why these spaces have disappeared and what is taking their place. Reed herself is a queer female identified millennial who came of age under much more politically and socially savvy era, and so has taken a fresh approach to our "Herstory".

In contrast to 2nd wave lesbianism, Reed is keen to define "dyke" in her own terms. She writes "Eulogy For The Dyke Bar" uses the term 'dyke' in its most expansive sense and recognizes that gender and identities are complex and fluid. If you have identified with the term or an experience of feminine spectrum queerness in the past or present (or perhaps future), and/or feel an affiliation or ally-ship with dyke culture, you are welcome and valued [in this space.]"

"Eulogy For The Dyke Bar" is presented by Mackin Projects, who have also helped create a series of events in and around the exhibition. Sign on to their Facebook event page and join the opening party this Sunday at Henrietta Hudson, as well as getting a special pass to the week's events:

Thursday, March 3
10am-1pm: Private Preview Brunch Queer DJs spinning in the bar,
PULSE VIPs enjoy complimentary drinks.

3-4 pm: LAST CALL Podcast Broadcast; Last Call: New Orleans Dyke Bar History Project

6-8 pm: DJ Happy Hour - Queer DJs spinning in the bar during PULSE Young Collectors Cocktails.

Friday, March 4
6-8 pm: Rocky and Rhoda Trivia Night with Ariel Speedwagon and Damien Luxe

Saturday, March 5
6-8pm: Staches and Lashes Drag Show and DJ Happy Hour - with Switch N' Play (SNP)

Sunday, March 6
1-2pm: A Critical Eulogy: The Loss and Legacy of Dyke Bars Panel Discussion
Discussion Moderator: Rahne Alexander
Panelists: Wanda Acosta, Lisa Cannistraci, Jen Jack Gieseking, Aay Preston-Myint, Asia-Vinae Palmer, Macon Reed

Sunday, March 6
3-5pm: Eulogy Ritual
Performers: Rahne Alexander, Lisa Davis, Brittney Elizabeth-Williams, Lisa Haas, Bobby T. Luck, Jaimes Mayhew, Letta Neely, June Reed, Macon Reed, J Soto, Jay Toole, Asia Vinae-Palmer, and Shelly Weiss.