Lambda Announces Finalists

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Lambda Announces Finalists

Lambda Literary has announced its finalists for the 25th Annual Lambda Literary Awards, held in NYC in June 2013. Jeannette Winterson, Allison Bechdel, and Ellis Avery are among those lesbians nominated—congrats!

Transgender Fiction

1.      Being Emily, Rachel Gold, Bella Books

2.      The Collection: Short Fiction From The Transgender Vanguard, Edited by Tom Léger and Riley MacLeod, Topside Press

3.      Dialectic of the Flesh, Roz Kaveney, A Midsummer Night's Press

4.      First Spring Grass Fire, Rae Spoon, Arsenal Pulp Press

5.      Offspring, Michael Quadland, Red Hen Press

Transgender Nonfiction

1.      Seasonal Velocities, Ryka Aoki, Trans-Genre Press

2.      Teeny Weenies and Other Short Subjects, Matt Kailey, Outskirts Press

3.      Transfeminist Perspectives in and beyond Transgender and Gender Studies, edited by Anne Enke, Temple University Press

4.      Transposes, Dylan Edwards, Northwest Press

Bisexual Literature

1.      Axel Hooley's Death Watch List, Scotty-Miguel Sandoe, CreateSpace

2.      Girlfag: A Life Told In Sex and Musicals, Janet W. Hardy, Beyond Binary Books

3.      History of a Pleasure Seeker, Richard Mason, Random House / Alfred A. Knopf

4.      In One Person, John Irving, Simon & Schuster

5.      My Awesome Place: The Autobiography of Cheryl B, Cheryl Burke, Topside Signature

Gay General Fiction

1.      A Horse Named Sorrow, Trebor Healey, University of Wisconsin Press

2.      The Absolutist, John Boyne, Other Press

3.      Everything Begins and Ends at the Kentucky Club, Benjamin Alire Saenz, Cinco Puntos Press

4.      The Lava in My Bones, Barry Webster, Arsenal Pulp Press

5.      Lovers, Daniel Arsand, Europa Editions

6.      The Paternity Test, Michael Lowenthal, University of Wisconsin Press

7.      Sighs Too Deep For Words, William Jack Sibley, Createspace

8.      Spreadeagle, Kevin Killian, Publication Studio

9.      These Things Happen, Richard Kramer, Unbridled Books

10.    Unbuilt Projects, Paul Lisicky, Four Way Books

Gay Memoir/Biography

1.      The Collected Writings of Joe Brainard, Ron Padgett, editor, The Library of America

2.      Fire in the Belly, Cynthia Carr, Bloomsbury

3.      Intolerable, Kamal Al-Solaylee, HarperCollins Canada

4.      Midstream: An Unfinished Memoir, Reynolds Price, Scribner

5.      My Husband and My Wives: A Gay Man's Odyssey, Charles Rowan Beye, Farrar, Straus and Giroux

6.      Twelve Views from the Distance, Mutsuo Takahashi, author, Jeffrey Angles, translator, University of Minnesota Press

Gay Mystery

1.      Bokassa's Last Apostle, Rod Shelton, Paradise Press UK

2.      Dos Equis, Anthony Bidulka, Insomniac Press

3.      Fires of London, Janice Law, Road

4.      Lake on the Mountain: A Dan Sharp Mystery, Jeffrey Round, Dundurn

5.      The Yellow Canary, Steve Neil Johnson, Clutching Hand Books

Gay Poetry

1.      Appetite, Aaron Smith, University of Pittsburgh Press

2.      He Do the Gay Man in Different Voices, Stephen S. Mills, Sibling Rivalry Press

3.      Looking for the Gulf Motel, Richard