Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper Speak Out For Women at Risk of HIV/AIDS

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Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper Speak Out For Women at Risk of HIV/AIDS

Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper appeared on ABC's Good Morning America today in an interview promoting their VivaGlam AIDS awareness campaign with M.A.C. cosmetics. While Gaga has admitted to the press lately that she is "really shy" when meeting new folks, and doesn't spend much time hobnobbing with other celebrities, it was pretty clear that she and Lauper have bonded over the course of their partnership with M.A.C.: Gaga made Cyndi CRY while talking about how much she's been influenced by Lauper as a musician and a fashion icon. Awww!

Speaking with refreshing candor (for morning TV, anyway) about women's sexual health, the Grammy-winning duo touched on the importance of sexual independence for women, highlighing the need for women to take responsibility for their own health, demo'd the two M.A.C. lipstick colors they're selling to raise money for AIDS charities, and appeared to captivate fans and news anchors alike with an infectious brand of starstruck awe. Even Robin Roberts couldn't help herself, joining in the discussion towards the end of the video, the camera panning back to reveal her and several other folks in the wings, hanging on every word. Ha!

In typical Gaga style, the lovely Lady and her pal Lauper sent hot chocolate to all of their fans waiting outside in the blizzard to catch a glimpse of their idols. Sigh. They just don't make 'em like this anymore, people!

Need a touch of awesome or an injection of sparkly girl power to brighten your cold morning? Watch this!

Thanks to Amy for making my morning by posting this vid on Facebook first thing today. And thanks to Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga for using their star power to raise money and awareness for such a worthy cause, and for singling out vulnerable groups of women as the focus of their efforts. Awesome sauce!

**Updated: The Viva Glam promo blitz continues on NBC's Today show:



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MacLass_19's picture

Girls just wanna have fun :)

I have always adored Cyndi Lauper... 

Is Gaga a natural blonde?   Shock

Julia Watson's picture

Gaga is a natural brunette.

Gaga is a natural brunette.

Amy Nicole Miller's picture


This was the best way to start my day, seeing this interview. I love them both so much. AND you Julia! Sister love.Smile

Lynne Jamneck's picture

Indeed you did but I mean,

Indeed you did Smile but I mean, this is just a double pow - Gaga AND Cyndi? Together? Pow.

I was watching a doco recently about 80's music, and I realised - this is one of the reasons I like Gaga so much. I'm an 80's child through and through, and she reminds me of the New Romantics that jumped onto the scene between 1980 and 1984 - Soft Cell, Boy George, Phil Oakey, early Spandau Ballet et all. Here were men, both gay and straight, suddenly wearing make-up and dressing in loud, flowy, camp clothing, not giving a shit what anybody else thought. They were a complete backlash against the straight-and-narrow masculinity of the early to mid seventies, picking up the torch from the likes of Bolan and Bowie.

Gaga seems to be doing things in the same vein; she's thrown more than one spanner in the homogenous engines of pop and that has not happened in quite a while. Everything's become ultra glossy and unintimidating. In the past we had our P.J Harveys and Bikini Kills and Kristen Hersh's, but they were always Indie darlings who never really made a big impact on the commercial scene. Gaga is doing just that. The spanners are reaching a mass audience and by god they need it.

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Julia Watson's picture

My thoughts exactly. I love

My thoughts exactly. I love that I've played some small part in making a little monster out of you, Jamneck. Haha!

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J Dub

Perfect recap!