Ks Stevens Offers Up a "Big Gay Musical"

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Ks Stevens Offers Up a "Big Gay Musical"

Ks Stevens is an Asian American woman and self-producing playwright. Her previous plays include Butch Mamas!, Yellow Lens, and The Scene. She also has short film called Katie & Kaden. Ks was named one of GO Magazine’s "100 Women We Love" and was a Miss Lez pageant winner. This summer, during Pride Month, she is offering up Big Excellent 20th Reunion, a musical comedy for the entire LGBTQA community. 

Big Excellent is about Ally, is a single mother and lesbian, who passed away from cancer a few days before her high school’s BIG EXCELLENT 20TH REUNION. Before Ally died, she asked her daughter, Ericka Klein,an 18 year old woman of color, to go in her place, and deliver her last message to her dearest friends. Because Ally sent each of them a free plane ticket they all show up to attend the reunion. It is quickly revealed all were closeted during high school. Kevin Yih is a gay therapist who was homeless, and now works with at-risk youth and is living with HIV. Mitch Johnson is a gay man who was kicked out of the military, and became a leatherman and Hollywood stuntman. Debra Gonzales is a Latina bisexual who traded in her profession in the mortgage industry for a new law degree. Samantha Blaine is a cat-loving lesbian romance writer. And Danielle Parker is a transsexual professor of Queer Theory and the former quarterback of the football team. Due to personalities and dynamics, it’s no easy task for Ericka to deliver Ally's message, as this play reveals the differences and internalized prejudices within the queer community. There are anthems for everyone within this play and it is a deeply intimate story for those who have ever loved family and friends who are queer, from interracial and/or adopted families, or have been touched by cancer and HIV.

The PREMIERE is JUNE 6TH, 2012 with a RED CARPET at 6:30 P.M., show is at 8 P.M. by Invitation Only. There are 19 Performances in June for a three week run. The Final Performance is on June 23rd, 2012,the night before NYC PRIDE SUNDAY 2012.

The play is located at THEATRE 80 (80 Saint Marks Place, between 1st and 2nd Avenues) in Manhattan. Tickets go on sale MAY 1ST, 2012 on THEATERMANIA.COM.


This article first appeared at LesbeAsian.com. Go to LesbeAsian's website to listen to an audio interview with Ks Stevens about her play. 

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last week to see this musical!

Hi Everyone, 

this is the last week to see BIG EXCELLENT and we hope to see you at the theatre. Use discount code BETRPOSITIVITY for preferred pricing.

Thank you for your support, 


KS Stevens