Katy Perry Kissed a Girl and Melissa Etheridge Liked It

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Katy Perry Kissed a Girl and Melissa Etheridge Liked It

AfterEllen talked to Melissa Etheridge and the result is pretty entertaining. A couple of the questions especially cracked me up.

1. AE asked ME if she was ever worried about being too gay and alienating straight people. Weird question, right? I'm still thinking about it. Have we all gotten so blase about being gay that we can't even enjoy it any more? Is it even possible to be too gay? What's gayer, Melissa Etheridge caring about the environment, AfterEllen interviewing her, or me being offended that a lesbian web site would ask a gay icon if she was worried about alienating straight people?

2. AE asked her how she feels about fauxbians snogging each other. In true butch fashion, MissyE says: 

I think it's all great! I think we win when we stop making it so black and white, this and that, duality, you know - you're either gay or straight. You know what? There's a big beautiful rainbow of gayness to straightness. If somebody wants to kiss a girl, great! I'm all for it. I think we get ourselves into trouble when we try to say OK, you're either all this or all that. It's just not true.

(Editor's note: I believe this translates roughly to: "Dude, femme on femme action is hot." Which, of course, it is.)

(via Jezebel via AfterEllen)

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you know I love ya, and respect everything you've done and are doing for our community as a whole - you do know that. I think it's pretty safe to say that you know where I stand also.....But......you knew that was coming, huh?

I understand what ME is saying. What she says is a viable statement made by someone that is in a professional position that requires a neutral stance. She is choosing to make her sexuality a professional nonissue. Remember, ME is on her 'tour' pushing her wares....she is on the national stage 'selling' her wares. She is not on the national stage pushing for equality or in any way saying that her wares are pushing for equality either. ME has to continue to sell her music to remain an artist that AE deems worthy of 'air time'. To successfully sell her music to as many people as possible to remain at the top, ME has to appeal to the masses. It's a catch 22 for her. Is she pissing us off 'cause she's trying to sell as many cds as possible? If she doesn't sell, she doesn't stay in the forefront of the 'public'. 

Sometimes, I think in our quests we stop listening and trying to comprehend the thoughts of our 'opponents'. We allow our own beliefs to become so passionately engrained in our psychy that we lose our desire to understand. I am one that believes that in order to truly hear your opponent, you must try to understand them. If you cannot, then you bring in someone to mediate for you - someone who can ask the questions of both sides to open a dialogue - a dialogue of meaningful change.

See what I mean? You took AE's question to ME in one way while I took it in a completely different direction. We have Vp as our mediator.....fun, isn't it?

A public gay person trying to live 'normally' should not be viewed by us as being something less than us.

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OH NO! I loved her response,

OH NO! I loved her response, though. I think it's awesome and I was trying to be glib.

Sorry if that didn't come through. That sarcasm was supposed to be funny, not angry. I may have to edit it so no one thinks I was offended!

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also for the record I love ME

also for the record I love ME and I'm not at all concerned with that making me seem too gay. I don't care if chicks use making out with other chicks to sell records, or anything else for that matter. All sex is good sex and any way a woman expresses her sexuality, as long as she enjoys it, is fine by me.

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My apologies...

don't change anything, please! I'm sure it's me today - I just got finished watching Rand Paul on Rachel's show - and reading about him - and reading the Civil Rights Act ( the gay exclusion act) again yesterday! 

If we were together we'd be kissin' and huggin'....

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I'm always kissing and

I'm always kissing and hugging you in my mind, Tex