January 2014 Horoscope

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January 2014 Horoscope

Now is a time for movement, embrace opportunities or rid yourself of baggage in 2014. Read your scopes [– ed.]

This can either be a spectacular year for your career or the fated ending of a now-out grown goal. Your relationships will take a turn with more energy focused on passionate and equal exchange. It is sexual soulmate time provided you have changed your ideas of what intimacy entails. New groups and friendships enter your life as a result of your reframing your values. Most of the month is excellent for reaching out to potential clients and power brokers, particularly if you have a prior introduction. By month's end, you will have attracted a potent ally who appreciates your gift of nurturing the world.

Expansion is the name of the game, whether of your inspiration, inner guidance system or international affairs. You will be motivated to work hard, particularly the first five months of the year. Competition may be an issue but it should only serve to clarify your objectives and marketability. If you are seeking a more permanent relationship, you have the next month and 1/2 to vet proper candidates. Your partnerships, both personal and professional are a key factor right now as Saturn and the North Node are travelling through your relationship sector making it possible to seal the deal. Your new expansive view of the world allows you to connect to those different from yourself and you realize that what you say and think has value beyond your local environment.

Financial marriages can be effected now, or you may begin the dissolution of a partnership that no longer serves you. Additionally, if married, your partner's money situation is poised for a great leap forward. This may be fortuitous particularly if your are considering having children right now. There is an energy around procreation and/or development of an important creative project. You can attract allies and co-workers to get on board now through mid-February. Think publishing or spiritual ventures as they are highlighted in the month ahead. Also, know that your skills are valued and are generated from a direct source so don't be intimidated should business types try to limit your options. If you are connected to the all, your value is limitless and you don't have to play by the old