January 2013 Horoscopes

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January 2013 Horoscopes


It's all about your career right now so take advantage of every single possibility that comes your way.  Say yes to everything, knowing that some projects will fall by the wayside end of February.  Highers up are willing to support your every move and you have the energy to lift everyone's boat.  Much of the activity occurs in the lands of media or social networking and your star is rising sharply.  Notice the difference between how others see you and how you formerly "talked" to yourself.  The gap is huge and with the new surge in your dream house, take others' opinions of you seriously this time (provided they are positive).  If you've suffered from writer's block these last four months, a new chapter begins in telling your story to the millions who are dying to hear it.


For an earth sign, you oftentimes struggle with knowing your worth.  Some of this is due to generations of beliefs in poverty and shame.  You get to see these beliefs for what they are --denial--and gain the confidence to manifest your own creation manifesto.  Seeing the big picture is key and you will get full support from the universe as well as the larger social arena.  With the Sun in Capricorn, access your inner male authority and BE him (provided he is a positive image).  Around the full moon, note where childish beliefs and the need to be special hold you at bay.  You are special indeed but not because of looks or money or social position.  You are the one who can ground your words in reality and, particularly after the 27th, you can see what makes you a queen! 


Your secrets can hold you captive or they can break you free.  The one constant in this equation of "will you or won't you" is the strength of your faith.  Thankfully, early in the month, your higher self is speaking loudly and clearly and there are many who want to know the real you. This may include revealing long-held pain around intimacy and emotional expression.  Perhpas you were shamed when you expressed your truth.  Once the secret's out, you can separate from the wounded child within and move into