January 2012 Horoscope

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January 2012 Horoscope

Happy New Year! 2012 is a year that has a lot of charge attached to it and while it WILL be pretty dynamic, it is all part of a larger cycle of cultural, political and economic changes.

In fact, we have already begun experiencing the major astrological configuration of Uranus square Pluto (revolution vs. oligarchical control) since last year and this will continue until 2017. So yes, hold onto your hats! Yet, we have chosen to be here at this time in human evolution and, in fact, have probably ushered in change in previous lifetimes so we are well-equipped to deal with the rapids up ahead.

Ultimately, the main thrust of the current astrology is to propel humanity forward and for each of us to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. Energetically, by being on auto-pilot or overwhelmed by personal concerns, we have all "allowed" the current circumstances to take shape and we likewise have the power to change them.

It's time to give consensus reality the heave-ho OR transform it into a reality that provides equal opportunities and freedoms for all.

This will take place over time, but keep your eyes and ears open to what happens in June and September of this year because it will showcase the storyline we will all be dealing with for the next seven years.

In the meantime, in this little month of January, we begin with a mix of Capricorn and Aquarius energies.  Interestingly, both zodiac signs are ruled by Saturn, with Capricorn representing the old guard and Aquarius signifying the revolutionary impulse. The new ALWAYS eventually overtakes the old, but not without a fight. Each of us has a Capricorn and Aquarius house in our charts and this is where we choose to be more conservative and materially focussed (Capricorn) and future-oriented and progressive (Aquarius). Both extremes can co-exist and it is finding the proper balance in our individual lives.

When Mercury (mental plane) moves into Capricorn on Jan 9th and links up to Sun, you have the opportunity to clarify your authority or note where patriarchal thoughts have kept you imprisoned: Hint: with Capricorn we're always dealing with father issues so depending on your experience this can either be positive or negative but these stories imprint our lives in current times here:

ARIES--career goals

TAURUS--spiritual longings, how we deal with "foreigners"

GEMINI--your business arrangements

CANCER--your significant other

LEO--how you handle the daily grind

VIRGO--what you think love is

LIBRA--where do you feel at home

SCORPIO--how do you deal with sibling-type relationships

SAGITTARIUS--your relationship with money

CAPRICORN-your ability to take on power

AQUARIUS--understanding your fear of being different

PISCES--how you relate to those who can advance your career

This month, Venus is in Aquarius until the 15th and together with the Sun moving into Aquarius on the 22nd we are able to feel comfortable (and be liked) for our originality here:

ARIES--our unique friendships and unconventional goals

TAURUS--ability to deal with corporate types

GEMINI--how we see the world, our philosophical world view

CANCER--your ability to attract interesting partners

LEO--your facility with making friends with anyone

VIRGO--how you take care of yourself

LIBRA--your creative and artistic vision 

SCORPIO--your living arrangements 

SAGITTARIUS--your unconventional and progressive thinking 

CAPRICORN--how you make your money 

AQUARIUS--who you are authentically 

PISCES--your connection to other worlds

Later in the month, Venus moves into Pisces. Where Venus in Aquarius is a bit detached and "mental", Venus in Pisces is the feeling of soul love and compassion. Venus here in Pisces will provide us with a preview of what to expect when Neptune (it's higher form) moves in Pisces in February for a 14 year stay.

You may get a glimpse of your next dream here:

ARIES--your connection to the all 

TAURUS--your role in the larger world 

GEMINI--a new way to serve in your work 

CANCER--how to connect with others different from yourself 

LEO--the best business partner in the world 

VIRGO--the soulmate

LIBRA--bringing your vision into concrete form, a healthy product 

SCORPIO--an opening of the heart 

SAGITTARIUS--a home life that soothes you 

CAPRICORN--new form of self-expression

AQUARIUS--how to make money from your passions

PISCES--how to see yourself anew