Holiday Health Tips & Ideas

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Holiday Health Tips & Ideas

The Holidays have descended upon us, and with them, a grueling schedule over late nights at booze-y office parties, trays of cookies and sweets around every corner, headaches from the relentless blaring of Mariah Carey Christmas songs, and the stress of forced familial fun. If the holidays are wreaking havoc on your immune system, things are probably looking the same for the loved ones on your gift list. Here are a few last minute gift ideas to promote health and wellness among your nearest and dearest (or yourself!).

  1.  Reusable Water Bottle: Listen, your friends aren’t drinking enough water and either are you. You’re going to feel better if you do, so just do it. Grab the most dehydrated looking lady on your gift list one of these stylish looking bottles. Or these. Or these.
  2. Work it Out! You don’t need a leotard and a sweatband to hit up a dance/exercise class these days (but by all means, go for it). Getting your heart rate up during the week will keep your buddies ready for marathon nights of dancing at your local gay watering hole. Sign a whole bunch of your friends up for a Zumba class. This Latin-inspired dance fitness class is completely fun for folks of all sizes.  Look for classes at your local YMCA or Community Center, and your friend will thank you for the opportunity to shake it with everyone from soccer moms to gray-haired grandmas who know how to shimmy.
  3. Gifts that Heal: Acupuncture is the oldest practiced medical system in the world. It is effective, relaxing, and integrates mind, body, and spirit while treating the root cause of illness. Pick up a gift certificate for your local Community Acupuncture clinic, where your lucky gift recipient will receive treatment in a soothing group setting. Learn more about acupuncture and find a clinic near you at the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture. Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like offering your friend a chance to get stuck with some needles.
  4. Sleep in Style:  Surely there is some fabulous femme in your life who is bemoaning the bags under her eyes from some sleepless nights.   Let her get her 8 hours in with a bedtime gift basket featuring a sleep mask and fancy chamomile tea.
  5. Light up the Winter: Seasonal Affective Disorder is real. For the friend who is dreading January – pick up an energy lamp and put a smile on their face all through the dead of winter.
  6. Sexy and Safe Stocking Stuffers: We’ve covered this: queer ladies are still at risk for STI’s. Show someone you care by filling their stocking with the supplies necessary for the kind of night that gets started under some mistletoe.


Have a Healthy Holidays from your Queer Health Providers!