Headline News: Thoughts and Commentary

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Headline News: Thoughts and Commentary

While trolling this news today I thought I'd round up a few of the headlines here, the good the bad and the ugly...

Malala Yousafzai, has indeed been nominated for the Noble Peace Prize. The Prize isn't announced until October, but making it on the short list by March a good sign.

I had a hard time reading the details on the Stubenville Rape Case. Thankfully the ruling judge made this a no frills open and shut verdict, guilty (or whatever they call it for minors). Unfortunately the Media still latched onto idiotic rape apologists in its complicity in rape culture. Not surprisingly FoxNews did a stellar coverage on that front.

Watch this clip of Zerlina Maxwell, who writes for Ebony, speaking truth to power appearing on Hannity and then on Democracy Now to discuss.

Another story that drove me nuts was the cannibal cop. Again while the outcome was positive, a jury found him guilty for conspiring to kidnap and eat a woman, there was a bull shit argument running around the web that this was merely a "thought crime." Of course this "thought crime" argument was written by a dude... Its this whole objectification-of-women-rape-culture that men think is harmless drives me insane. Do we not seize and arrests people for looking at child porn, that too is a thought crime.

The clincher in the cannibal case came from evidence submitted by his ex-wife who left him after discovering their computer:

"was loaded with crime-scene pictures of dead and mutilated women, twisted images of women being tortured and sexually assaulted, pictures of female friends he’d downloaded from Facebook, Google searches for terms like, How to kidnap a woman and human meat recipes."

In better news, Hillary Clinton on her stroll toward 2016, released this video through HRC.

Clinton has proven while SOS that she will work for LGBT equality, she doesn't need to convince me by talking through/to HRC. I'm actually more interested in her stance against the oppression of women and girls around the world. We shall see what happens in four years.

Lastly, in Gay inc news, Madonna clad in a boy scout uni, awarded Anderson Cooper at the NYC GLAAD awards this Saturday. Apparently there was some cute banter, like Anderson thanking his bf for all the love and Madonna saying she got the uniform from the Boy Scouts of America for her son.

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Marcie Bianco's picture

Great round-up Moon! I heard

Great round-up Moon!

I heard CNN's coverage of the rape trial was equally appalling—like everyone has forgotten that these boys raped her for hours on end, dragged her around town, etc. This whole BS of "oh i didn't mean to" is like "really? The sheer duration of the raping and consequential cover-up is disgusting. These boys get no sympathy.