Glee Goes Galactic

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Glee Goes Galactic

Two more weeks, bois & this behind-the-scenes promo making anyone else weirdly homesick for high school? Just me?



If I were in charge of the Glee writers room, I'd totally make Brittana & Faberry the new power couples, so Brittany & Santana can be Rachel's backup dancers in every single number, and Naya & Lea can hug each other like adorable girlfriends-in-law like that on the actual show, too. But if all this, plus listening to Chris Colfer refer to his hair & makeup ladies as therapists and projecting Glee's rise to Nationals, Internationals and Galactic show choir fame when they triumph over the planet Mars still isn't enough swag to wet your Glee whistle, fear not. We have more goodies in this grab bag...and many of them are pink.



Yes, that's my new girlfriend, punk!Quinn. Watch where you're going, honey, I wouldn't want you to slip in my puddle of drool there. We don't know how long this look will actually last, but if the new season 3 cast photo album is any indicator, we'll at least be seeing some remnants of the wayward chastity queen's new look for some time. I'm praying to Grilled Cheezus that this isn't just an excuse to throw Quinn and Puck back together in happy hoodlum bliss. But with Lauren Zizes conspiculously absent from the season 3 promos, it seems highly probable that the Quinn/Brittany hookup (Quittany? Brinn? I'm going with Quittany) that Heather Morris wished for won't be happening anytime soon. Nor do we have any indication of when, or even if, Brittana will be on again for realz. Le sigh. 

You know what cheers me up when I'm feeling bereft of sweet primetime lady kisses? A nice rainbow unicorn. Or a gay shark.


Am I the only one who find Santana's faux-innocent pose here both arousing and utterly terrifying? With Quinn off the Cheerios, she's obviously next in line for HBIC; and God only knows what nefariousness lurks behind that I'm just a ditzy cheerleader lolz face. It will be interesting to see where the Cheerios' loyalties will fall this season as Sue openly declares war on all public school arts programs:



I don't know about you, bois & grrlz, but I'm super excited to see the show "get back to basics," as the actors and creative team have said in recent interviews, and focus more on actual character storylines and relationships while lobbing glitter bombs and perfecting their time machines. Who says you can't do The Bangles and keep it real?

"The Purple Piano Project" airs September 20th on Fox. Thank you, Grilled Cheezus.

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Who I Am's picture

quinn is punk!!??? when did

quinn is punk!!??? when did that happen? i've missed too many shows, aaaaagggghhhh!

love has no gender

Conlite's picture

It happened to the actor this

It happened to the actor this summer after the last season ended, so we await the explanation in the next season.....