Gettin' Crunk with Nicky Click

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Gettin' Crunk with Nicky Click

Nicky Click is a one woman electro-pop diva performer and recording artist from New Hampshire who tours internationally. With extreme costumes, dance moves, video projections, and crazy vocals, this girl has a political agenda of positive community through lyrics around feminism, queer identity, kitsch, and funny theatrics.

Her third full length new album "Metaphorically, Of Course" (produced by Mr.Owl of Foxie Records) is out now on Crunks Not Dead Records.

Below we caught up with Nicky Click on the creation and production of her new studio album:

How would you characterize your album "Metaphorically, Of Course" in comparison to your last album?
It is a "growing up a lot cd," eight years after my first one.There are more raw emotions and slower songs, even roots and alt-electro Country songs.... The album is a concept album in many ways. It begins of with some new Nicky Click "characters" in the first four or five songs. For example, "Move It Around," "Booty," and "Queer Femme Pop Diva," feature my sultry, sex-pot, gal character called "Nikki Slikk" Then the next four or five songs are more original pop songs by Nicky Click, Kooky and Sing Along Hooks. Next there's the "Petunia Pie" character, [who] drinks honey whiskey and croons with my father, Richard Gsottschneider, my co-producer.... So new characters have evolved; there are new music genres, advanced production skills, and more introspection, but still fun and political.

When you lasted played in Philly, we spoke about how you at times write songs with your father. What have you learned from these collaborations? How, if at all, does this change your personal approach to writing a song?     
Well yes, there have been times I have come to him with a shredded notebook or half-finished beat and he helps draw the real truth of the song out of me to finish it. Also, he is responsible for writing all the country/roots-folk songs. It is a true joy and honor to work artistically with family, a time to truly be honest and let it all hang out!

As someone who has followed your career for years, I loved, but was not all surprised by, songs like "Booty" and "Move It Around." I was, however, surprised by the direction you took in "I Want You," the downbeat and dreamy sentiment is amazing, but caught me a little off guard. Any other surprises folks might see from you in the future?

Well, [this] drunk party girl slowed down, fell in love, broke up, and had all the lesbian drama a gal could have on the road."I Want You" is about trying to love after you have lost someone and they couldn't love you because they don't know how to love.... I have always done slow songs by myself but [have not performed them] much on stage. It is hard to know how I would present [these types of songs] to a hot queer audience ready to dance. This album is really something you should light some incense and take acid to.

Can you give our readers a teaser of things to come? What will happen in 2013 for Nicky Click? Any new collaborations or explorations we should keep our ears out for?

Yes! Many things: I am featured in the amazing new documentary about Scream Club called "And You Belong"; it's about our label Crunks Not Dead Records and a lot of the beauty during their reign of electro-queer fame. I am also doing new songs with Sgt Sass, KIN, Cathy Cathodic. Crunks Not Dead Records put out a vinyl 7" of four remixes by Cindy Wonderful of Scream Club and me. It is four songs you won't hear anywhere else [and features] Beth Ditto, Peaches, Ladyjane Meredith, Shunda K of Yo Majesty and many more. We all love and support each other here at Crunks Not Dead Records.

Any concluding thoughts for our readers?

I spent two weeks last month secluded in a recording studio with who shall remain an unnamed producer extraodinaire friend. We wrote, recorded, and produced fifteen songs, which will come out next year.