Full Moon in Taurus: You Can’t Cheat Love

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Full Moon in Taurus: You Can’t Cheat Love

Since ancient times the symbol of the bull has been a prominent fixture in many traditions, cultures and religions. The bull evokes powerful associations with creativity and productivity. As the symbol for Taurus, the bull represents the fecundity of the spring, the awakening of the earth, our appetites for sun-soaked skin and naked nymph-like splishing and splashing in the soon to be warm waters of summertime.

In the Northern hemisphere we are pretty far from that, like the opposite end of it. We are in Scorpio’s time. In many places this means less light, less heat, less outward movement … if only on a psychological level. Mystical deaths via underworld journeys, dancing with skeletons and confronting our own fears of the dark are the meals on the menu as of late.

But that is the beauty of a full moon: in the extreme of one sign we get to experience its opposite. The full moon in Taurus will occur on Thursday, November 6th at 5:23 pm EST. Even though it’s a full moon, it is a potential calming point.

Yes, the eclipses are over. Let’s now get on with the practical applications of living, loving and producing.

Taurus is comforting, strong, solid and supportive. It’s into the senses. Taurus is not only down to earth in its sensibilities but Taurus is earthy in every way. Like you can’t move it type of earthy.

Taurus is a creature of contact, comfort and creative canoodling. Taurus loves to touch and taste and tenderize hearts that have become too tightly shut. Down for the decadent exploration of skin, food and napping, Taurus is terrific at being there. A rock. Solid. Steady.

Just don’t expect to do any of it quickly.

Taurus takes time. Will not be pushed. Will not budge. Will not approach change easily. Whatever track the bull is on it will stay until convinced otherwise and by convinced I mean they came to it on their own terms.

The moon loves to be in this sign, it is said to be exalted here. The moon finds emotional security in Taurus who appeals to all her physical senses. Beautifully furnished, comfortable, sweet smelling homes stocked full with tasty treats are the moon’s kryptonite. Taurus builds the moon a home, her greatest desire. The moon is too tender a darling to be traipsing around all hearts