Full Moon in Leo

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Full Moon in Leo

It’s snowing boatloads from the thick grey cloud covered sky and I not even sure daylight came today. As I sit here writing a piece on the first signs of spring’s return and tomorrow’s fiery warm full moon in Leo, I want to cry for the sight of the snow and the tales of wind, sleet and black ice that await me if I dare to exit my building. Welcome to NYC in February.

I haven’t left the house in days.

Today is Imbolc (meaning ‘in the belly’), a cross quarter day that marks the moment in-between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Today we are supposed to light a candle in every room of the house in honor of the Goddess Brigit or perhaps to simply coax the sun’s warmth our way and convince the lengthening of the days to stay. Today we remember the symbolic seeds (and eat some of the real ones) of intention that we planted at the Winter Solstice and see how they are growing (in the belly). Today we remember the ancient art of weather divination and our connection with the animal kingdom via the groundhogs that dare give it to us. Today we remember Tu Bishvat*, the Jewish new year for the trees. This is another ancient festival marking our connection to the earth and its riches, celebrating the awakening blooms on the branches, a sure sign of springs return.

Today I’ll remember the sun, like a lover whose gone out of cell phone range, trusting that they will text me again and tell me of their whereabouts and when they will come back to me. Today I will remember that soon enough the season will change (please, goddess, please!) and I’ll complain about missing the introspective, quiet time that this season supplies in spades. The dead of winter sometimes demands that we rely on our imagination for signs of new life rather than seeing the evidence of spring.

Or that we buy tickets for the first flight south.

This month’s full moon in Leo is sure to do this much and more as it boasts such glowing solar goodness themes. On February 3rd at 6:09 PM EST the full moon blazes a trail of triumph. Rolling in the deep with the Cosmic Couple, Queen Juno and King Jupiter, this luminary lets out a majestic meow sure to