February 2013 Horoscope

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February 2013 Horoscope


You may not be feeling as confident as you'd like at the beginning of the month. The pileup of planets in your 12th house will make you feel as if you're underwater. Yet, there are plenty of folks would who like you to come out and play. You're greatest advantages come from your female peers and professional associates and by the 11th, you will really know who is on your side. You are able to begin an new alliance that has financial rewards, some of which may delayed until the summer. In the emotional realm, Mercury retrograding in your twelfth hosue of the subconscious mind will unearth any last vestiges of fears and worries. You will no longer make yourself a victim to your own thoughts! The world has your back and you are taking your dreams as far as they can go!


You may be reminiscing about old times, particularly those that involved celebratory parties or creative endeavors. But pull yourself back into the present and see who is on your side professionally right now. Career opportunities are many, yet one is more likely to become a solid financial association. Once you've separated the wheat from the chaff, you can begin a new chapter around professional goals. On the personal front, this is the time to see if your relationship is worth investing in. One key to discerning the truth of this is noticing if you are able to express yourself fully, particularly your greatest hopes and visions for your future. The partner of your dreams must also support those greatest aspirations otherwise you will feel limited and taken advantage of. Think high and wide and deep and see who stands beside you!


There is a lot of energy focussed on work as the month begins, but your thoughts and greatest desires seem to be focussed on faraway shores. There is a strong pull to be drawn out of your common existence and responsibilities, and barring an exotic vacation, the next best thing is a "spiritual" course-correction. In this event, your social networking connections could be of great service, possibly providing you with a job or lifestyle change. It's important now to commit to a lifestyle that feeds all aspects of you, particularly your emotional and creative needs. On the work front, you may hear