Everyone Loves Hillary Now. Lesbians Say “Duh.”

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Everyone Loves Hillary Now. Lesbians Say “Duh.”

Madame Secretary, all but saying she has discovered the Philosopher’s Stone.

Even though Obama hasn’t even won the 2012 election yet, people are hinting-not-so-subtly about wanting Hillary to run in 2016—and I’m not just talking about the lesbians (because of course we want her to run. Duh.) but about a bunch of really important straight people like Senator Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY) and House Minority Rep Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), among others. These people are “really important” because they are part of the Democratic Establishment that froze Hillary out of the 2008 nomination—yeah, Donna Brazille, I’m looking at YOU. It wasn’t that Hillary lacked public support, especially when her campaign picked up steam after she "choked-up" with emotion at that restaurant in New Hampshire. What happened was that the Democratic delegates esssentially (take your pick:) cock-blocked her from or mean-girled her out of the nomination. These delegates and superdelegates gave the nomination to the new, young, fresh, and non-Clinton face of the Democratic Party: Barack Obama.

But, I’m not bitter. No. Even if Obama needs to evolve for another four years on securing equal, civil and legal rights for us homos...his Al Green singing voice is like jedi magic. “These are not the [rights] you’re looking for.... You can move along.”

The feature in Elle is particularly revealing; Hillary even acknowledges that many of her critics have become muted, or “defanged,” as her interviewer calls it: “I’ve just been around now a long time....There’s a certain consistency to who I am and what I do, and I think people have finally said, ‘Well, you know, I kinda get her now.’ I’ve actually had people say that to me.”

Hillary plans to retire from her position in 2013, after which the path lay open for...whatever. She has been a stalwart champion of women (which is probably why we lesbians have had such a longtime love for her), so it wouldn’t be surprising if she did some non-profit work. In the interview, she expresses her dismay with the “pigeonholing” of women as either career- or parenting-oriented, and is frustrated by the intentional politicizing of women's roles in an attempt to create a voting-schizm (between "career women" and "mothers"). She also sees a correlation between this type of pigeonholing and the pigeonholing of other minorities, whether religious, ethnic, or ethical:

“One of the big difficulties we’re facing around the world is how we create better understanding among people of different religions, tribes, ethnicities…. It’s just human nature to categorize: ‘I don’t like that, I like that.’ But when it has the consequence of holding people back”—or worse, she adds, of creating “open season” on people who are judged as “less human” because of their religion or some other difference—it’s obviously disastrous. “A lot of the work I do here in the State Department on women’s or human-rights issues is not just because I care passionately—which I do—but because I see it as [a way] to increase security to fulfill American interests. These are foreign-policy and national-security priorities for me.”

Regardless of her future, Hillary will always be a rockstar.

In the meantime, straight-world, we’ll keep you apprised of the next trend as soon as we create it.

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Tosha's picture

yes supreme doktor!

THAT's the exact issue.  You can't really parody a parody unless you do it really really well with great exactitude and subtlety.  otherwise you make people want to jump out the window (or just turn you off...which of course is what happened after those 37 minutes).  See?  El doktor explains it all to you again!

Marcie Bianco's picture

Me learn from Pocket Tosha

Me learn from Pocket Tosha long time Smile

Tosha's picture

dr. bianco por favor

i adore Hilary...always have.  but to go a little off central topic here, can you explain why when i finally got around to Portlandia this week i found it tedious, overwrought and trying waaaay to hard?? Such a brilliant idea yet annoyingly done. I know that's blasphemous.  I made it thru 1 1/2 episodes (37 min) and returned to netflix.  Donde esta el doctor?

Tosha's picture

dr. bianco por favor

i adore hilary...always have.  but can you explain why when i finally got around to Portlandia this week i found it tedious, overwrought and trying waaaay to hard. Such a brilliant idea but done in a way that brought a mild headache. I know that's blasphemous.  but i made it thru 1 1/2 episodes (37 min) and sent back to netflix.  Is there a doctor in the house?

Marcie Bianco's picture

There are a few reasons that

There are a few reasons that make the show intolerable but which are the same thematic reasons that are relied upon for the show's satire:

1) 90s culture 

2) holier than thou Portland hipster culture

3) queer p.c. Culture

In themselves, pocket tosha, these things are intolerable; together parasitically trope upon each other with very mixed results!

I respect the show but have to be in a very particular mood to watch it! ...that mood being, "I wonder what Carrie is doing on the show this week?"

Tosha's picture

as usual

el doctor es corecto!  yes, it's all true...I so love the idea of a parady of the parody itself that is alternative culture but this really doesn't work for me. at all.  grating, annoying and badly in need of an editor.  like they would take a great concept and drag it on WAAAY too long, just like I'm doing with the off-topic sidenote.  LOL!  love u

Marcie Bianco's picture

i think it's because this

i think it's because this particular cultural niche...especially the P.C. hipster part, already so terribly oozes irony that any parody is like "WHAT THE FUCK THIS IS LAME! GET A LIFE OR GIMME YOUR TRUSTFUND MONEY TO SPEND. CHRIST!"


Marcie Bianco's picture

and, if hillary couldn't get

and, if hillary couldn't get ANY COOLER, here she is drinking cerveza and dancing: http://gawker.com/5902184/hillary-clinton-caught-on-camera-drinking-cerveza-doing-the-rumba-in-cartagena