Etheridge To Oprah: Break-up Was Mutual

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Etheridge To Oprah: Break-up Was Mutual

On Friday's Oprah, Melissa Etheridge said that her breakup with Tammy was "as mutual as those things can be." Of course, mutual is a very subjective word. If it is true that Melissa cheated on Tammy, I'm sure Tammy might have agreed that they should split, but that doesn't necessarily mean they were both interested in ending the relationship all along.

In fact, in a blog written by Tammy under the name "Hollywood Farm Girl," she says she was "blindsided" and that the story coming from Melissa might not be 100% true. On Friday she posted:

this will be the only place
where you will get the truth
OF Hollywood Farm Girl
is AT Hollywood Farm Girl

She could be referring to anything, but I'm venturing to guess, by the nature of lesbian drama, that she's referring to Melissa trying to control how the public views this story.

I remember when Kathy Griffin visited Melissa and Tammy on "My Life on the D-List." They were talking about equal marriage while baking cookies with their kids and I thought it was too perfect to be true. Sometimes it's the couples you least expect.

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Tammy's take

I'd really like to hear Tammy's take on this. But really, is it any of my business??


Susan Gabriel

author of Seeking Sara Summers

(a novel about coming out later in life)

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I wouldn't know a Melissa E

I wouldn't know a Melissa E song if it jumped up and hit me in the face?!?!
What I do know is that I would hate to live my life in the public eye.... and that I was extremely disappointed yesterday when I discovered that Stuart Little 3 was made using bog standard animation!

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Hi Steph

here is my all time favor from Melissa Etheridge / Refugee  ( A Tom Petty cover )

Melissa  Etheridge

Tom Petty


now you know 1


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Hi Thanks for this!!  


Thanks for this!!



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are you more of a

Sheila E type of woman?

Twitter Time @kdhales

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Mmmmmmm......I'm more of a kd

Mmmmmmm......I'm more of a kd type of woman........Wink

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sweet thang!

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you don't like kd?

You never really know  person.  <3 anyway.

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Au contraire

Steph, loves kd!

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I was talking to you,  not about you.

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Excellent comparison

I like the implied equivalency.

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You know, Perez could have

You know, Perez could have just as easily have said Tammy cheated and we'd all have a different take on this.  I hate the way one unsubstantiated rumor is influencing the debate on this, making people take sides.

Also, a little history here--Melissa was pretty much jilted by Julie, not the other way around, so I don't know why people are assuming she's a love 'em and leave 'em rock star.  Guess it's just easier for people to think in stereotypes than to accept the fragility of love.

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Guess it depends

of the eyes of the 'fluffy' beholder!   


this is to Mystics below - why in the gosh durn can I never get my bottom comment to be on the bottom?

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My last words on this matter...could it be so simple?

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I don't care to hear about either side of it

The only thing I give a damn about is whether or not Melissa has a song on her new album that I may want to download. For anything else, I'm on a "Do Not Care and Do Not Need to Know" basis. That goes for both of 'em.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

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Oh come on, Minnie!

Have some fun with the May and December couple.....

 theory for Tammy's present silence - CA has 50/50 $ divorce law - that new cd needs to rake in the 'dough'!

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I remember watching this

I remember watching this episode when it aired and thinking that they looked a little awkward and uncomfortable.  Of course, that could just be a result of having a reality show camera crew in your house.  

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This is one of my favorite ...

Melissa songs......kinda fits.....


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Holy heckola!

I want some cookie dough!

mmmmm, maybe Tammy would like to get a word in edgewise.....I bet she has an opinion that we would like to hear....

edit: and yeah, have you seen how ME looks at the present? trim, in shape, hair all layered with an 'age approriate' edge. I'm thinking she's had some things on her mind lately besides 'making cookies'.....

I'd invite her out for a bit of singing and shagging, but I think she'd probably be tooooooo young for me. Okay, I'll shut up...

edit 2 then I'll shut up: woman is snuggling up to the big 5 - 0! Starting to scratch....

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Trim?  Really?  In that pic with Julie I thought she looked pretty chunky--not that I really care one way or the other, but just sayin' that's not what I saw.