España Reigns Supreme

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España Reigns Supreme

In the 117th minute of of the final match, Netherlands v. Spain of the World Cup, Spain's Andrés Iniesta scored — putting his country ahead right before penalty kicks where to start. The crowd went wild. Spain's (many attempted) shots on goal finally came through.  



Netherlands' Mark van Bommel, left, and Spain's Pedro Rodriguez fight for the ball during the first half of the World Cup.

Over the first 94 minutes of the game the Dutch and the Spanish battled back and forth across the field. Both teams ending the regulation play with more than a dozen shots on goal, and a half a dozen yellow cards and one red.

The most dangerous player in the game was Netherlands forward Arjen Robben. With a rare breakaway in the 62nd minute, he almost sealed the deal for the Netherlands with a clear shot on goal. Robben was challenged by Spain's goalkeeper/captian Iker Casillas who deflected the shot.

Netherlands' Mark van Bommel and Spain's Pedro Rodriguez compete for the ball.

Second-ranked Spain started the World Cup by losing to the Swiss. That lost was blamed on Casillas girlfriend who was accused of distracting him at the goal. Since that first game Spain went on to win every match after that including the amazing win against Germany in the semi-finals. This World Cup win is special to Spain because not only because it was their first, but no other nation has ever won after losing their first match.

Spain's Prince Felipe his wife Princess Letizia and Queen Sofia of Spain, Dutch Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima.

Spain's coach Vicente del Bosque and his team held up the trophy in triumph.

See you in Brazil in 2014!

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patricia's picture

Iniestas deserved it!

Iniestas totally deserved that goal. The dutch team had it out for him for most of the game.

minniesota's picture

Missed the winning goal

I was so nervous during the extra time that I finally got up to pace the hallway and missed seeing the winning goal live. But that's what replays are for. Anyway, OLE! for España.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Steph's picture

Congrats Minns!  The Spanish

Congrats Minns!  The Spanish team definitely deserved to win!  It's so nerve wracking when it goes to extra time though!