Dykes On Bike-Cycles

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Dykes On Bike-Cycles

figuring out what's going on for Pride. Pride's really fun for me but it's not my big thing. So people have there things. I mean, other people will take the helm when it comes to Pride stuff, but this has been fun for me because I'm sort of a closeted event coordinator.

C: Not so Closeted.

J: Heidi and I are going into business together.

E: You should! So, let's finish with the Benefit Details. Tell us where it is

H: June 5th. Bar 4 in Park Slope 444 7th Avenue

C: Starting at 9PM

L: Burlesque Dancers, Dyke punk band

E: How much is it to get in?

C: It is $5 to get into the place which also gives you a raffle ticket for the bike. We've got stuff from Babeland, Bushwick BikeShop, Sigg gave us bottles for free-and those are all $1 a ticket. You can basically buy an armload of Siggs for a few bucks. A signed Uh Huh Her poster — I wish I was eligible!  We decided that no one who organized the party is eligible, we're a little bummed!

J: That bike makes me wet, that bike is so beautiful. 

E: It is a gorgeous bike, I've been stalking it online.

C: I'm happy about the stuff we've got. 

H: We have 140 people RSVPed on Facebook!

C: When we first started planning I was thinking we wouldn't have enough people there and now we're concerned that people won't be able to get in!  We're having a photo booth, Inner Princess, a Go-Go boy for the boys, we're trying to get Big Gay Ice Cream Truck-we're just waiting to hear back from him.

H: I might have some Klondike's to sell outside so I can be you're Klon-dyke girl.

J: There's going to be limited bike valet so you can park your bikes so you don't have to deal with riding around the block to find parking.

C: Yeah, so make sure that you get there at nine and we'll see you there.

E: It was great chatting with you ladies, maybe you'll see me on a ride.

*20% of the proceeds of the night will go to the New Brooklyn Community Pride Center. Photo Credits of the DOBC Girls by Cassandra Olander. Visit the DOBC and check them out on Facebook. See you at the Party!

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Thanks so much for meeting with us and throwing the interview up.  See you Saturday!