Dykes On Bike-Cycles

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Dykes On Bike-Cycles

showing up and giving us stuff makes me feel that this group is appreciated. That we're something that they need which is really great. We got a bike donated from Ride Brooklyn

L: We got burlesque dancers! Who are totally into it and really excited about it.

C: A lot of people are working for free they're just showing up that night and working for free and they're doing it for us...when I started planning this I was anticipating disaster. I was thinking people would say that they'd do stuff and then not step up but people are stepping up. It's turned out really great.

E: So you started planning it on Super Bowl Sunday?

H: It was a little seedling.

C: We tried to do it last year after Pride which is really difficult because after Pride everyone sort of scatters. It's difficult to get people excited for something gay after Pride because they've spent all of their Pride energy on Pride. It kind of fell apart but this year we were at Heidi's and she was like, "We should have a Pride Party" and we thought, why can't we have a party and it just spun out from there.

H: I think it matters that for the most part all of us sitting here have been devoted to making this come to life. Everyone had this vision and everything we've done for the past couple of months has been to promote this party. It's been amazing, it's been a compilation of a lot of efforts.

J: I think we've learned over the passed few years what works and what doesn't work. Having open call meetings is really important so everyone can give feedback and be a part of the process but when it comes to organizing a specific event it's been great having a few people step up to the plate and really work well together. It's been nice having that core group of us who really have our shit together and our there to really get stuff done which has been a huge part of recognizing how to run and create as opposed to chaos.

H: People have different focuses. To be honest, I'm more excited about this than

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Thanks so much for meeting with us and throwing the interview up.  See you Saturday!