Dykes On Bike-Cycles

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Dykes On Bike-Cycles

So I can keep my eye out.

H: Oh this questions...The Dapper Q Girls asked me this question and all that came out was, "Someone who has a job..."  I would say that we're attracting more and more members and like a lot of organizations it has the potential to get a littler murky and, you know, drama filled. I think, primarily, it's a great place to make friends and it just sort of spins out from there.

J: That's how we'll all met. 

C: I've noticed that at rides or at group events people start talking and a lot of times about professional things, too. People start collaborating. I feel good that it's not just a biking group because I feel like anybody might be able to do that but that here people are creating a community.

J: I was thinking about my core group of friends. And the people that I would call my friends, my core community, I mean my girlfriend I met when were riding through Brooklyn [referring to DOBC Member, Candice]

E: On to the Benefit. Is this the first benefit that you've done for DOBC?

J: Yes, we've tagged on to other parties, sold stuff and hyped DOBC but we've never done our own party.

C: We've never done anything on our own. I've never planned a fundraiser/party but it's been an interesting experience. We've sort of stumbled through it a little bit but it's gone really successfully-surprisingly. When we first came up with the idea to your house[Heidi], I think it was the Super Bowl or something...

H: We weren't even watching the game and I think I got on my soap box and was all, "Do you know what DOBC could do?" and it sort of spun out from there. Everything has been really serendipitous.  I went to the Transman Pageant we saw this really great band, shot over an e-mail and we're good to go...

E: Yes, Inner Princess, I saw they're on board now-I love them!

H: We've been so fortunate. For the most part, people have been really generous and so willing to donate.

C: We didn't really do anything except send people e-mails and the fact that they're

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Thanks so much for meeting with us and throwing the interview up.  See you Saturday!