Dykes On Bike-Cycles

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Dykes On Bike-Cycles

know the city-They only know their neighborhood. I think it's cool to see parts of the city that you've never seen before.

E: We played basketball in the Bronx once, it was fun. And it wasn't even really the Bronx, it was, like, 147th or something. but I'm calling it the Bronx.

H: Some rides are differentiated, too. Last year, we went to the Rockaways. There were some people who did the full ride out there and there were a lot of people who rode down to the ferry and took the ferry across. We make an effort to keep different abilities in mind and what you want to get out of it that day.

L: We're definitely not a racing group. Everybody sort of goes at their own pace, whatever wheels you have, you ride. There's no pressure

J: It was definitely more intended as a community. A group of friends to branch out and make more friends and create this riding group. Which is why we don't do races. It's about exploring new places, finding new routes, and really feeling comfortable in a comfortable environment to ride.  People are hesitant to ride because they feel they're not hard-core bikers but the whole point is to make it accessible, make it easy, and create a community around it.

E: So I was looking at pictures on the website, and was wondering. If you're a single gal and you're trying to meet other single gals...is there a lot of that action going on or not so much?

C: I think there are a lot of single people in the group.

J: There were two ladies the other week that were starting to flirt a little bit and I got excited.  We were riding, and I was in the front they were talking and I was trying to be part of their conversation and I realized that maybe they didn't want me to be part of the conversations. I don't know, maybe they're hanging out now.

H: I'm really hinging all of my summer romance plans on our party.  I have a really good feeling that I'm going to find my girl friend there.

E: What's you're type.

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Thanks so much for meeting with us and throwing the interview up.  See you Saturday!