Dykes On Bike-Cycles

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Dykes On Bike-Cycles

saying "Hey we're going to do it" so they did it there [in NYC], I rode my bike in Barcelona with my friend, like "Go Pride!" just by ourselves in solidarity and from there it started to evolve and become something.

E: That's so awesome. So how many members would you say that you have now, that come to every ride?

Heidi: That's a tough call because it really varies.

C: We usually have a dedicated amount of about 10-15 people that show up on rides. Um, some people, well based on our Facebook page we have about 700 people who are fans but some people aren't in the state, some people can't always make it so I'd say usually about 10-15, sometimes 20 people come on the rides, generally. I guess there's like 5 of us that are core members that are always planning things...

: The organizers [of DOBC].

E: So there's a ride today, right?

All: It's Tomorrow...

C: But it might get rained out.

E: Are the rides always that long?


Heidi: No, definitely not.

Laura: It usually ends with drinking, so that's why we block out that much time.

E: 'Cause you're starting at Christopher street and you're going all the way up to Fort Tryon in the Cloisters.

H: That's a nice ride!

C: That's like, 10 miles. It'd be like going from here to 25th street. It's not that long. We're trying to branch out of Brooklyn. Because we're all from here, more or less, we do a lot of rides from Brooklyn, in Brooklyn, near Brooklyn.

We're trying to see more of the city, get out into boroughs we wouldn't normally go to. Like, we're trying to do something in the Bronx because a lot of people ignore the Bronx. So I feel like that ride [The Cloisters] is a good kind of half way point...

J: We have a member from the Bronx who's been trying to get us to get up there.

C: Every year she's like, "When are we getting to the Bronx!" Our rides are shorter, we're trying to make them so that people can kind of see the city, too. A lot of our members don't

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Thanks so much for meeting with us and throwing the interview up.  See you Saturday!