Dykes On Bike-Cycles

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Dykes On Bike-Cycles

Last weekend I sat down with a few of the core members of Dykes On Bike-Cycles, a group of young Brooklyn dykes who have turned their love of riding into a community event. DOBC organizes community rides around the City, and will be throwing a kick-off Pride Month Party on June 5th. 

Erika: So Dykes on Bicycles, where did the idea come from, how long have you been in existence, who started it?...

Jill: Let me just specify because it was an issue, not an issue, but it's a very kind of  confusing name because it doesn't come naturally. It's Dykes on Bike-Cycles. Obviously, it's a play on Dykes on Bikes but we're not Dykes on Bikes because we're not riding motorcycles and they have their Legal Name...

E: So it's Dykes on Bike-Cycles?

J: Yes. It's a little bit of a tongue-twister at first...

Candice: It's easier to just call us the DOBC because that way people don't have to think about it too much.

E: I like that much better

J: So, I created it. Originally, the idea came about because I really just wanted to register for Pride. I was going to school at CUNY and the original members were from CUNY. We all rode bikes and we'd sometimes come into the city and ride around. We went to Pride every year. I wanted to be in Pride so the first thing I thought was-Let's created an official group. I went on to register for Pride and was thinking of what we could be called and I came up with the term Dykes on Bike-Cycles after looking at the Dykes on Bikes.  After that it just sort of evolved.

E: How long ago was that?

J: That was in 2006.

C: We've been around for four years.

J: We were supposed to be in Pride 2006, that was when we registered, but that did not go very well. It did not happen — it wasn't organized enough. I ended up riding my bike in at noon, hung over and stuff. It was one of those things were nobody got together. Then the following year I left the country for a bit and my friends were, like, writing me

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Thanks so much for meeting with us and throwing the interview up.  See you Saturday!