Deep Lez Thursday

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Deep Lez Thursday

"[I]t is illegal for women to go topless in most cities, yet you can buy a magazine of a woman without her top on at any 7-11 store. So, you can sell breasts, but you cannot wear breasts, in America."

Violet Rose, in Three Steps to Better Sex


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Breastfeed your child in your on home ,not in a cafe where I pay to eat .I don't want to see a woman getting her nipples sucked off ,or please GOD go to a restroom room and do it.Thats were I have a problem with women who breasrfeed they just flop them out ANYWHERE.

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twisted logic


Do you eat in the bathroom? Breast feeding is the most natural way to feed babies. Why should we have to do it in an evironment meant for elimination, not consumption? We teach our dogs not to poop where they eat. Somewhere along the way, our society has turned a perfectly natural event into an issue for debate.

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But that's the point they're

But that's the point they're trying to make - why does it offend you to see a woman breastfeeding?  Why do you find it gross?  Would you let toddlers messily eat in a cafe? Because I find that a whole lot grosser!   Smile

Why should women not be free to flop them out anywhere anytime that it would be acceptable to see a man barechested (even if not breastfeeding)?  (But I'm not saying I personally want to go topless.)

I can maybe see the point if it's a fancy 5 star restaurant though - but messy toddlers and barechested men would be discouraged there too.

Personally, I'd be far too self-conscious to breastfeed in public.  But I know some similarly self-conscious mothers who prefer to b-feed at home who say they still sometimes find themselves caught in a position of having no place to go when it's feeding time.  I guess I'd rather have a mother b-feeding next to me on a bus than have a baby screaming with hunger in my ear.  Just thoughts.

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Interesting ...

I breast-fed my son (in London, UK) all over the place, on the underground, in supermarkets, in cafes, sitting on the pavement. One or two people looked away a bit embarrassed, most just carried on without paying much attention, and quite a few - men as well as women, and from all sorts of cultural and religious backgrounds - offered positive comments. I think some of this was probably to do with the fact that I just did it, without asking anyone or hiding anything or assuming that anyone would have any problem with it. And they didn't. This was 12 years ago.

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You can't use them to nourish

You can't use them to nourish a child without getting comments, either, according to friends with breastfed children....

Here in France, it's technically illegal for everyone to go topless unless it's a parade, (like Pride or the techno parade) but anyone can on the beaches.