DADT Drama Meditates on Discrimination, Dignity, and Ass-Kicking

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DADT Drama Meditates on Discrimination, Dignity, and Ass-Kicking

Almost immediately after I watched A Marine’s Story the McChrystal scandal broke. I’ve been completely captivated by the loose-lipped kvetching of cowboy General Stanley McCrystal and his subsequent firing. Basically, he was sitting around bitching with his friends about his bosses and the wrong people heard him. That situation, plus having just watched Marine’s Story, which tells the tale of a lesbian ex-marine, has gotten so deep in my subconscious that I actually dreamed last night that McChrystal had been fired and then had come out as a proud gay man. No joke.  

A Marine’s Story, directed by Ned Farr and produced by GLAAD-winner JD Disalvatore, delves in to the life of an ex-Marine in the aftermath of her dismal from the army as a result of the archaic and unjust “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Alexandra Everett (Dreya Weber) returns to her hometown after years of military service with little explanation. She mostly keeps to herself, drowning her pain in tequila and ass-kicking (the latter is directed at the local, bigoted, loud-mouthed good old boys). One day, a local police offer requests that she talk some sense into Saffron (Paris P. Pickard), a local girl who is spiraling out of control. You can tell she’s trouble because of her skullcap, smudged eyeliner, nose ring, and dark clothing, which she sheds once on a more righteous path. After an attempted robbery at a local convenience store, the girl is given an ultimatum by a judge – jail or military service. Alexandra takes the girl under her wing, readying her to enter the military.

Time to go to Crunch Town!

For those readers more attracted to the sportier lesbian, this flick is for you. Think ripped biceps in capped-sleeved blouses, hoop earrings, practical ponys and tight fitting blue jeans with low heels, all of which scream, “Hey, I might be tough lesbian Marine but don’t get it twisted - I’m definitely not a butch lesbian Marine.” I absolutely paused the movie to do like twelve crunches as Alexandra paraded around in a sports bra, showing off her chiseled abs. Alexandra trains the girl, karate kid style, while simultaneously battling her own demons: her sexuality, her love for the military, and her hurt over the close-mindedness of her small town towards people like her.

There have always been films about soldiers returning from

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look at that stomach!

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Yeah, baby! I'll watch this as soon as possible!

My favorite lesbian movie to date is Ned Farr's The Gymnast starring his wife, Dreya, and Addie Yungmee. With JD a part of the project it should be a winner. Thanks for the blog and the info! Think I'll go watch.....

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