Cute Kids, Gay Allies

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Cute Kids, Gay Allies

Can someone tell these kids flash mobs are soooo two years ago? Just kidding, they're cute. Students at David Lloyd Elementary and Churchill Secondary, both in Vancouver, busted some moves to Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars in honor of International Anti-Bullying Day. (via SheWired)

Oh look, a flash mob getting in the way of my shopping.

Next, this adorably dapper young gentleman named Malcolm will make you cry. His parents gave him money to donate to a charity of his choice and he split it between HRC and the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center. He says in his letter (below) "I don't think it's fair that gay people are not treated equally." Tears!
I hope the parents keep their address a secret or he's going to start getting appeal letters from every gay organization in the country. via Queerty

He almost makes me want kids of my own.


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Adorable Malcom is definitely not in the middle. He's the tops!

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

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I'm way into the demographic

I'm way into the demographic make up of those BC schools.

off topic, Amy your gf Lilo is really loosing it... its hard to see her name in the headlines anymore.

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I had a chit-chat with Lilo...

... in my mind and this is what she said (via twitter)


"I am not a thief." I still think the man is trying to keep my gorgeous girl down...

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Poor thing

Poor thing. I'll have a sit-down with her.

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Vancouver (and hence B.C)

Vancouver (and hence B.C) does have a large population of visible ethnic minorities, so this group may well be representative of their schools.  But if not, I want to know where all the blonde-haired white kids are who ought to be caring about this anti-bullying movement?

I love child activists - they change the world quicker.