Clinton's Benghazi Interrogation

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Clinton's Benghazi Interrogation

Yesterday Clinton faced the GOP firing squad in Washington, fielding questions about the terrorist attack at the US Consolate in Benghazi. Clinton testified in front of both Senate and House members; she took responsibility for attack (how and why is beyond me) and acknowledged that the administration should've been clearer that they were unclear of what exactly was going on during the first couple of days post-attack.

Republicans were relentless with their conspiracy theories. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) even went so far as to claim he'd "relieve" Clinton of her duties because of the attack, which he wrongly and wildly asserted to be the worst tragedy since 9/11.

Clinton refused to be patronized to and stood her ground, especially during this exchange with Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI):

The hypocrisy of Johnson's questioning is that he, along with the aforementioned douche Rand Paul, proposed a $20 billion dollar cut to the State Department last year—straw man, much? He's trying to blame Clinton (a synechdoche for the administration) for acts not committed by her as well as implicitly for shoddy management of a seemingly inept department. Clearly, financially disabling the State Department is the way to go...ammi right, or ammi right? Maddow explained as much in a segment about Clinton's testimony on her program last night.

Clinton might not be the progressive person's dream, but that dream cannot withstand the realities of Washington (Obama '08 anyone?). She's a pragmatist who gets shit done (hear an echo of Poehler/Fey "bitches get stuff done!") with the democratic ideal of "compromise" always in mind.

Today Senator John Kerry (D-MA) begins his confirmation process, which is good, because Hillary is so