The Chosen Few

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The Chosen Few

The World Cup is over and the teams that are left are going home. But there is one team South Africa keeps quiet. They are called 'The Chosen Few' an openly lesbian soccer team based out of the country.



Eudy Simelane (second on the right) was raped and murdered and found in a ditch with over 20 stab wounds

The Chose Few will be heading to Germany for the Gay Games at the end of the month but as they prepare they must be cautious. Many of the players on this team have already been assaulted and raped by men who were offended by their open status as a lesbian.

Founded in 2004 by Few (Forum for the Empowerment of Women) the 25 women squad see each other as family then just a team. They are treated as outcast. Unable to live in the townships because they are discriminated against and the threat of rape and beatings have become common if they choose to live within the community openly.


Every day these women are aware of the risk. They know by living openly as a lesbian and playing on this team makes them a target but they do it anyways despite the risk. And I know that some people may say why take the risk or put themselves in danger. The allure of the game and the pleasure they get out of playing sometimes out weighs the risk.

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I just went to FEW's website

I just went to FEW's website ( to learn more and see about making a donation to Chosen Few and was pleased to discover FEW hosted Stacyann Chin in April.  Why did we not know of this?:

I would love to see gay groups prod some of those World Cup football teams (men's and women's) to take up the cause of the Chosen Few.  Make these women international celebs and then those creeps won't THINK about touching them.

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Way to make me cry on a rainy

Way to make me cry on a rainy Wednesday.

Thanks very much for posting though.

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"I don't know what safety is like..."

Bloody heartbreaking.

When Eudy says that she wishes she had died, along with others who have been raped, the survival's guilt is impossible to ignore. Their collective and individual bravery is humbling, their dignity beautiful.

Thanks for posting, Laniaya.





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to the Chosen Few... keep

to the Chosen Few...

keep your internal candle lit, for only you can blow it out. keep on keeping on...