Cheese Grits with Autostraddle

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Cheese Grits with Autostraddle

Guess what happened this morning? Katina and I walked into our fav internet cafe, Perch, to work on Vp and we bumped into two cute dyke-lets that help run autostraddle. So we sat at the bar ate cheese grits and coffee and talked about the future of lesbianism (from a millennial gen perspective).

Let me introduce you to Kelsey Lisette, their video contributor as well as "elf-scot," and Taylor, official auto-all-star and tech editor.

What is the most important cultural phenom in our community today?
Kelsey: Lady Gaga...

I could have predicted that answer... Ok, so why?
Taylor: I'm over Lady Gaga.

Fine. Let's move on. What's new with autostraddle?
Kelsey: A handful of us were going to move to the Bay Area... we just need a change and need to get out of New York.
Taylor: I just quit my job. I want to tune in, drop out, and drop acid.

Do people drop acid anymore? What kinds of drugs do you kids use these days?

Taylor: Designer drugs
Kelsey: I like home brews.
Taylor: ... or blends.

Who is your biggest queer celeb heart throb?

Taylor: Michelle Tea, because I want to channel early 90's San Fransisco.
Kelsey: Miranda July, biggest fucking heart throb. she makes everything about me explode... inside.

So you guys like 'em older?
Taylor: Hello Mrs Robinson... Can you take me to Cougar Town?
Kelsey: To me everyone is a cougar, cuz I'm just a tiny cub. I'm like a baby sea otter. We love sea otters at autostraddle.
Taylor: I like river otters, they look like John Waters...

What do you think about monogamy, are you kids having a lot of open relationships?

Taylor: That's the only kind we have.
Kelsey: I want to spread rainbow seeds... We need to make more queer people.

What does that mean?
Taylor: We are here and we're queer.

What are your feelings about being on the cutting edge of lesbian media?
Taylor: It makes me feel poor and wish I still had health insurance.
Kelsey: I wish I could go back to being a cheerleader in High School

What are you guys doing for Pride?

Taylor: I'm going to visit my Grandma in Kansas.
Kelsely: I'm probably working. I work as PA (aka "little bitch") for the next season of a highly watched reality series that I can't talk about, which will be airing in the next few months.
Taylor: But we wish we were going to our own autostraddle Pride Party which you guys are all invited to.

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Tex's picture

You know it!

Love to cook grits! Big smooch!

Twitter Time @kdhales

Not2Taem's picture

Why do I feel like we are no

Why do I feel like we are no longer talking about food?

Tex's picture

'Cause we're not!

How you doin', sweetheart? We're gonna meet up for that drink pretty soon! Still don't have internet up and running - going to have to go straight to the CEO of Time Warner before I get someone to flip the switch!

Twitter Time @kdhales

Not2Taem's picture

Timeless Wannabe!

Something tall and cool and wet sound very good right now.

I hate Timeless Wannabe and they always seem to be the only ones who service my area. I don't which is worse, their horribly designed web site or dealing with them on the phone. Somehow I always get connected to someone in India or on some island that tells me I have to talk to people here, who then reconnect me to the away folks. Maddening!


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They're supposed to call me back! Believe that when I hear it!

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Me like

I like river AND sea otters. And the Autostraddle dyke-lets. Laughing out loud

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Not2Taem's picture

And the term dyke-lets

Did Grace the wordmister just mint that one, or have I just missed it up until now? Fantabulous word. It can be a cute little dyke, or if you want ot get cheesy you can push it into Dyke-lets do it better. 

Laughing out loud

Julia Watson's picture

I'm not sure if "wordmister"

I'm not sure if "wordmister" is a typo, but if it is, it's kind of the hottest typo I've seen all week.

"Hello there, Wordmister... howsabouts you carry my groceries home for me and we play a little Boggle?"


Not2Taem's picture

It Boggles the imagination

in the very best way.  Wink

Not2Taem's picture

Too cute

Glad to hear Cougars are still in style.  Wink