Chain of Fools

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Chain of Fools

Friday morning I woke up pumped and ready for the day to begin.  I have to admit that I was looking forward to spending the weekend with my first girlfriend, Faith.  I was also trying to convince myself that her visit was going to be pleasant and drama free. That was inconceivable.  Faith is to drama what Dali is to art, and both are equally surreal.

I'd been bouncing around the office like I’d had a caffeine transfusion.  My cheerful mood must have been obvious.  At one point, my boss, Elston, slapped me on the back and commented, “Glad to see you’re your old self again.”

My coworkers and former roommates, Jackie and Maureen, were not so easily fooled.  Like any good lesbians, they smelled gossip, and they wanted the 411.  They cornered me in the doorway to the supply room, where I had bounced in to get a box of paperclips.

“OK, who is she?” Mo demanded.

I tried to play it off.  “Who do you mean?”

“Sissy, we’ve seen you in dating mode too many times not to know when you’re seeing someone,” Jackie explained.

“That’s right,” Mo continued.  “It’s tea time, Sissy, so spill it.”

I didn't really want to deal with my friends’ inevitable aghast looks and OMGs, so I plead the Fifth.

“Sorry, women.  I don’t want to get into it right now.  I’ll tell you all about it on Monday.”

This answer was unsatisfactory, and they continued to prevent me from bouncing out the door.

“It isn’t Autumn again, is it?”

I shook my head.

“Well, is it anyone we know?”

I could honestly answer “No” to the question, since they only knew Faith by (very bad) reputation.

“Come on, give us a hint,” Jackie pleaded.

“I’ll just say that a friend from California has come to visit.”

“Not Trixie!”  They said simultaneously, which surprised me, since they only knew Trixie by (very bad) reputation as well.

I said a final, “No,” pushed my way past the dyke inquisition, and took the box of paperclips back to my desk.

In spite of my perky mood, I didn't get much work done.  My mind kept going back and forth between the coming weekend with Faith and the first, and last, weekend we'd spent together.

It had been the weekend right after finals, just before graduation.  Faith and I had decided