Bikini Kill Celebrates 25 Years with New Record Label

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Bikini Kill Celebrates 25 Years with New Record Label

"In her kiss, / I taste the revolution!" — these lyrics give me chills every time. And now, 25 years after breaking ground and shattering misogynistic illusions, Bikini Kill is back with a brand new record label, Bikini Kill Records, in addition to various plans to re-release and celebrate their music. From the band's website

"As our 25th anniversary approaches, Bikini Kill has decided to start our own record label called Bikini Kill Records. The Bikini Kill back catalog is currently available digitally via, eMusic & iTunes. The Frumpies and Casual Dots are also up for sale now. We are working towards reissuing the physical Bikini Kill records one at a time. There are brand new Bikini Kill T Shirts available from at this time with more merch to come in the near future.

Bikini Kill's Self-Titled EP will come out in the fall of 2012 to commemorate the 20 year anniversary of its original release. We also plan to re-release our original demo tape, which contains songs that were previously unavailable and/or hard to find on vinyl & CD. We are currently going through our archive, which include photographs, practice tapes, live recordings, unreleased songs, films, video, writing, interviews, zines and flyers that we intend to feature on future releases and document on our website."

Let's hope the next 25 years are just as revolutionary.


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Steph's picture

Hey groovers!  Just checking

Hey groovers!  Just checking in after a loooooooong absence to say "hi" before I check out for the Olympic fortnight!  Call me a party pooper but can't help but think that London will be HELL ON LEGS for anyone trying to go about their day to day life!  So, the peace and quiet of northern France sounds far more appealing!

Oh, and FYI, I LOVED my 4 day jaunt to Las Vegas!  OMG - how can somewhere be simultaneously appalling and fantastic?  Want to go back!



Marcie Bianco's picture

yay! have fun!

yay! have fun!

Grace Moon's picture

Hi stranger, glad you're

Hi stranger, glad you're back!

and Vegas reallllly?

tweet tweet @gracemoon

Steph's picture

Thanks! And as for Vegas, I


And as for Vegas, I know I know!  I am surprised at myself!  I think perhaps it has something to do with big sky/big sun after months of CRAPPY weather.....and our hotel was fab!

ckbird's picture

super exciting!

VERY COOL and boy, do I feel old Wink

Thanks for Sharing This!..xx



Marcie Bianco's picture

hey CK! yes....25 feels

hey CK!

yes....25 feels LONG...makes me think about the 'rebel girl' tattoo i wanted to get oh so many years ago....