Ask Amy: The Gay Marriage Edition

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Ask Amy: The Gay Marriage Edition

What do you think about gays getting married?

Right at this moment, I happen to be watching the episode of Kathy Griffin, My Life on the D-List, called "Norma Gay." Get it, Norma Rae is about unions? It's one of the best puns ever. Kathy marching in the rally with queer youth after watching a short documentary about Matthew Shepherd with Sarah McLachlan playing in the background: How can you not cry at that? Earlier in this episode, Kathy met Melissa Ethridge and her (soon to be ex) wife Tammy Lynn Michaels to get Melissa's advice on how to be involved in the fight for equal marriage. When she walks into their home, they're making cookies with their little kids and as Kathy says, they look like "Harriet and Harriet." Tammy looks a little bitter, like she's about to take off her apron and explode. Foreshadowing! Unfortunately, you know how their story ends.

I like gay marriage. I also like equal-employment opportunities, non-discrimination policies, trans gender equality, gay adoption, hospital visitation rights, early sex education that includes LGBT curriculum, the fight for ending violence against queers across the world and many more things that we should also be fighting for.

Norma Gay

I am transitioning from being straight and married to a lesbian. I am so happy to finally come out but am unsure of how to make friends with fellow lesbians. Any advice?

Move here:

The first image that appears in a google image search for "Northampton lesbians"

Flights to Paris are $461 right now. Want to go with me? Over there the coffees are real small, and they are served with "creme." Just an FYI.

Oooh! You gave me an opportunity to rant about my # 4 pet-peeve, which is "FYI" and the ways in which people misuse it. You said "Just an FYI" which means "Just an for your information" and that doesn't make sense. Even more moronic is the popular "Just for FYI" which means "Just for for your information." Why do people always say "just" before FYI? If you're going to say FYI, which I think is unnecessary, don't preface it with "just." Get right to the point. Even better would be to leave it out altogether and say whatever your going to say without all the wordiness.

ps- Yes, I want to go with you to Paris!

Au revoir, Simone

I think you are beautiful. Will you gay marry me, with Judge Vaughn Walker presiding?

Yes, Pee-Wee I will marry you! I thought you'd never ask. I already have my gown and tiara picked out. Wait, this is Pee-Wee Herman, right?

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theStephy_Chicago's picture

Replace Marriage with Civil Unions for ALL

Every committed relationship can and should be a CIVIL UNION. If people have some need to have a religious recognition of their new CIVIL status, they can then apply to their appropriate religious institution for such recognition or ceremony. In terms of legal benefits which accrue to marriage: these benefits should ONLY apply to those couples who have had a registered Civil Union. Religious ceremonies should not suffice.


Erika Davis's picture


I'm all for those things you mentioned; you know gay marriage, hospital visits, etc.

FYI-I never use "FYI" except for right now, but like Tex, I didn't put "just an" before it.

FYI-It's hard finding lesbian friends based on the fact that they're lesbians because let's face it-not all lesbians should be your friends.  Some are just for sleeping with

FYI-Pee Wee Herman is still creepy and not just for wanking in public

FYI-I wanna go to Paris, too!!

Erika has spoken.
Now, go read my blog Smile

Amy Nicole Miller's picture

Just for FYI

re: Pee-Wee being creepy

Those are fighting words! Don't talk about my man like that Smile

Erika Davis's picture

sorry, babe

didn't mean to talk about your man Wink

Erika has spoken.
Now, go read my blog Smile

minniesota's picture


Amy, FYI: I used FYI in a memo this morning. I am happy to report that I left a "Just an" out of it. Laughing out loud

~Da Mins

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Amy Nicole Miller's picture


Thank you, this makes my day.

Tex's picture

Do what they want!

Don't care about the marrying part, just want gays to have the opportunity to make that mistake if they want to!


Twitter Time @kdhales

buggleM's picture

if federal approve gay marriage

I have a 100% to marry my long distance gf Smile............hopefully but by gf is totally hopeless , I dont care no more

BuggleM the dmd