April 2014 Horoscope

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April 2014 Horoscope

April brings us two big eclipses; one a full moon lunar eclipse mid-month and then a new moon solar eclipse at the end of the month. Hold on to your hats, we are in for a wild ride. [– ed.]

With Uranus, the change-maker in the sign of you, you will find this month brings rapid and dramatic changes. Even if they seem overwhelming, nothing is a total surprise as you've been dealing with some of these issues for a very long time. There is a need to wipe the slate clean of old issues and belief patterns. When you look back on this year, you will not recognize how far you've come. So the advice for this month is to note where you have sensations of rightness and personal power. Career-wise, you may be in the same place as last spring, waiting for the big event to come into fruition. Focus on how you best work with others and if necessary note where you can be more cooperative. Despite the uncertainty of the moment, you begin a new chapter in establishing financial wealth.

While Aries life might be more event oriented this month, your shifts are happening on the mental or spiritual plane. You may be coming into contact with a new belief system, realizing your current philosophy is out of date. You do have ambition, even if it is not evident, and the universe wants you to get in touch with the ways that you can save the world. Much of your growth is in the area of communication and speaking from your heart. Even if others object, consistently focus on the love equation in all situations and you will not only find your voice, but a newfound confidence as well.

Your dreams and goals are changing and an idea at the start of the month has genius potential. Where you may be stuck is in feeling that your partner is not on the same page and neglect or outright objects to supporting you. This is not a new story and despite your rather codependent nature, you must speak up for your ideas and find ways to bring then into form. Your new peer group understands you and is willing to pay you for your talents so focus on building your nest egg. Your mini power struggle with your significant other is just a test run in what you may be dealing with in a larger arena and it is important to know your worth. You can start a new chapter around abundance and security now.

There is a sense that something brilliant is happening in your career right now. You want to move forward on it but friends or loved ones may not be as supportive as you like. Thankfully, Jupiter (planet of growth and confidence) is now traveling forward through your house of personality and you can pitch your ideas to a larger audience. Your career and relationships are going through some major changes and one underlying theme is self-responsibility. Do what needs to be done without expecting applause from a proxy father or mother figure. What ensues is the birth of an entirely new future where you are stable and secure on your own.