Anti-Gay Senator is Self Hating Gay

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Anti-Gay Senator is Self Hating Gay

It's been a while since a self-hating gay Republican politician was caught doing something dumb. Early this morning Cali Senator Roy Ashburn was pulled over for drunk driving after leaving a gay bar with an unidentified dude.

TPM is reporting:

In better days Ashburn, a fierce opponent of gay rights, was fighting marriage equality and organizing anti-gay marriage rallies as part of his "Traditional Family Values" campaign.

But he hit a bump in the road — figuratively, not literally — Wednesday at around 2 AM when CHP officers observed him weaving and driving erratically in downtown Sacramento. After a field sobriety test, officers determined that Ashburn, who reeked of alcohol and had bloodshot, watery eyes, was under he influence of alcohol and placed him under arrest. He was released from jail just before 4 AM.

Initial reports only noted the DWI arrest and Ashburn issued a contrite apology on Wednesday. But late this evening, the CBS affiliate in Sacramento reported that "sources" confirmed that Ashburn had left Faces, a gay nightclub in downtown Sacramento, just prior to his arrest.

Local CBS news video here.

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Pat Lewis's picture

anti-gay Senator is self hating gay --

I love it when these hate mongering closet queens get caught. But, I'm sure that he will come up with some ridiculous reason about why he was at a gay bar -- using his bargaining "tool," perhaps?                                              


Keeli M's picture

can't say I'm surprised

This poor sucker was simply trying to assimilate into the dominate culture that has been his oppressor and how can we be surprised? I see it as that it’s less about self hate and more about trying to simply fit in – you know because there probably aren’t too many queers allowed at the Prop 8 rally. Queer culture is so commercial right now that we have lost site of what our culture actually is.  It's like straight people watch a little Logo and throw some glitter around while dancing to GaGa and then tell us that THIS is what a homosexual looks like - and in order to have 'equal' footing in the world we not only accept this interpretation but regurgitate it back to the masses.  Roy Ashburn’s biggest error was assuming that he could do the same for straight culture and somehow his gayface wouldn’t show.  He was committed and couldn’t just change his identity in midstream. It reminds me of Black slave owners, or Joan Rivers calling someone else’s dress a hideous mess.  

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geek4grammar's picture

same old story

it's funny, I was just listening to this week's This American Life podcast, which was a re-broadcast of the story of how homosexuality was taken out of the DSM (and no longer considered an official mental illness) in 1973; and part of the story was how all the closeted queers in the APA were completely silent throughout the process because they were too scared to come out and risk losing their jobs as psychiatrists. In that case, and in that time period, I understand...but here and now? Fuck these assholes. You're gay, it's cool. Don't be a hater. How is this such a difficult lesson? 

We're all born naked. The rest is drag.
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)

Joanne Robertson's picture

These people

fascinate me Glasses

Campaigning to take away your own rights! ..... you'd think his boyfriend and friends at the gay bar might object?!


karrr's picture

god SO true!! i wonder if

god SO true!! i wonder if anybody at the gay bar recognized him as being a senator? i mean...jeeez...i'f be snapping pictures if i did

Joanne Robertson's picture

Code of silence

... makes you wonder who's worse - him being a fraud, or all the gay people around him who probably knew who he was and didn't expose his hypocrisy? Oups

The outing 'code of silence rule' shouldn't apply, when a gay person is actively working against the gay.

peacekitty's picture

I've been tweeting this all

I've been tweeting this all over the place and then I wondered why none of the major papers are covering it yet.  Maybe they're waiting to confirm the "gay bar" part of the story.

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SweetTalentedOne's picture

I like how all these

I like how all these politicians who were elected mainly for thier bible thumping morals have the least morals of anyone in the world.  Grow a set and be who you are, because you are hurting yourself, your family, and gay rights!