Anthony Weiner’s Greatest Hits

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Anthony Weiner’s Greatest Hits

Anthony Weiner must not resign!

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about because you don't have a TV or the internet or a Smartphone and haven't been outside of your house for the past several weeks, here is a timeline of this remarkably salacious event called Weinergate. Go ahead and read it. We'll wait for you….

And, we're back… did you get that part at the end about Democrats calling for him to resign?

Let me get this straight… David Vitter repeatedly and illegally uses the services of prostitutes and is exposed as a diaper wearing pervert. Newt Gingrich cheats on every wife he's ever had including his first wife while she was dying of cancer. For the record, he hasn't cheated on his current wife yet, but he will because he must and it is America's fault. Larry Craig tap tap taps his little feet off in an airport bathroom trying to get some gay sex from an undercover cop. John Ensign coerces the wife of his best friend and former chief of staff into having an affair that she didn't want, and then has his parents pay off the couple to silence them.

The common thread is that each of the people I've mentioned are politicians who have been caught up in sex scandals and none of them were forced or even asked to resign for their dalliances. Gingrich is running for President, Ensign only recently resigned due to an ethics investigation and Vitter is still in office. I could go on all day on this subject, but I'll point you toward a wonderful segment that Rachel Maddow did on Republican hypocrisy on this topic. I'll go even further in saying that this is not just a Republican problem. There was no notable Democratic call for their resignations either.

Despite their silence in previous sexual scandals, Democrats are now inexplicably piling on and calling for Weiner's resignation. I'm completely perplexed by this. I haven't heard a single coherent argument yet about why he should resign. Anthony Weiner has been one of the most effective advocates for progressive causes that we've seen in many decades. For those who sanctimoniously charge that he should

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Carollani's picture

On the real...

What Weiner's sins add up to are high-tech masturbatory sessions. That's it. Yes, he's whacking it to real women, and I guess (?) that makes him kind of a douche to his (TOTALLY SMOKING HOT) wife, but... I just don't see this as anything more than jerking off to interactive fantasies. He never had sex with any of them. It was just a vacuum of sexy talk with several women. *shrug*

I'm so sad he resigned because he was by far the most passionate progressive in all of congress, but I know he'll make a comeback. He'll be Bill Clinton in a few years (he got some ass, so what?).

I don't think the personal lives of any elected officials are any of our business unless it's illegal or hypocritical. Weiner's weren't either.

We CAN change the way the press covers this kind of shit by not paying any attention. It's US that they're pandering to, we eat this shit up even while we complain about it. We suck. Weiner out.

Robin Rigby's picture

There are accusations that he

There are accusations that he was doing his tweeting from his office, during work hours, so that would make it potentially illegal. I don't really care who he tweets pics of his dick to, but it is cheating even if he didn't physically have sex with those women.

I have to agree with the complaints about the hypocrisy of it. Although it's certainly less scummy than Newt cheating on his dying wife. 

Carollani's picture

So is it cheating if he

So is it cheating if he masturbates to photos of an ex-girlfriend? Is it cheating if he masturbates to thoughts of a woman in his office? "Cheating" is subjective to the individual. His morality is his business. His family is his business. (Although I do like to think that Huma and Hillary are secret lovers.)

The 'in the office' thing is trickier to me. Is it okay to take a personal call at work? Is it okay to check your personal email at work? I guess the rules are more stringent (or not, hey Vitter!) if you're a congressman, but I think it's really really reaching to say he misappropriated goverment funds to tweet or call or email someone from work once and a while.

Robin Rigby's picture

Cheating is not purely a

Cheating is not purely a physical thing, it's also emotional. And he says he never had sex with any of those women. Considering the other lies he's told, can we really believe him?

Carollani's picture

For me, cheating isn't AT ALL

For me, cheating isn't AT ALL a physical thing, it's completely emotional (going back to the subjective thing). I didn't see any kind of emotional attachment in those transcripts, did you? It was purely sexual. It was 100% about getting turned on, and that's why it falls into the exact same category as porn for me.

Considering how he knew that the truth was just about to burst out of his salacious past, yeah, I believe him. I think that he had one chance to set the record straight before he lost our confidence completely, and he knew that.

But, it's all sort of speculation and theorizing.

Not2Taem's picture

Could we please...!

Could we please get over this man's dick and get on with our lives? Yesterday I was reading a luscious ice cream recipe written by a luscious lesbian, when suddenly I get to picture of a fried banana and my mind started shouting Weiner. Are there no lesbian politicians out there sending scandalous pictures around?

Grace Moon's picture

I'm sorry

but since you mention it, a woman on NPR described it as an "underwear clad crotch"

tweet tweet @gracemoon

minniesota's picture

Adios Weiner

It is expediency not sanctimony on the part of the Dems asking him resign. It's because Weiner is a major distraction from what the Dems need to do to keep the Presidency and re-take the majority in the house in 2012.

I have compassion for him as a human being because he obviously has a problem, like many people do. But he needs to take care of that problem and get the hell out of the spotlight.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Lisha Mckoy's picture

Sorry I accidentally posted

Sorry I accidentally posted that twice... I'm on my mobile. Smile

Lisha Mckoy's picture

re-take the majority?

I agree that is was a terrible and embarrassing distraction. But people have a short memory in politics. This distraction was temporary. History shows us that these things don't last. I talked about Vitter and his diaper fetish in the post. How many people even remember that? Not many I'm sure.

I often find this argument puzzling and completely unconvincing, though. Because how does the democratic party re-take the majority when it throws its strongest advocates under the bus? It makes no sense to me. You don't ever see republicans doing that.

Not2Taem's picture

On another note

Hey Minns,

There's a long hot summer ahead, and I've read all of the Micky Knight mysteries, twice. Any recommendations?

minniesota's picture

Summer Reading

Just saw your question, Tae. Well, I'm re-reading some old Robert Parker Spenser mysteries. Not gay but he and Susan are always eating something good in those novels.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Not2Taem's picture


Thanks, Minns. Yesterday I loaded Nina Here nor There, and I'm pretty much on a non-stop read of it. I'll check into Spencer next. I think I have exhausted all of the good LGBTQ mysteries. It has been pretty consistently in the hundreds here, so I am spending a lot of time reading in the air conditioning. Hope its cold up there.


Grace Moon's picture


I'm so with you on this. he is a total a** hole but one of the few progressives...


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