Adele: Full of Soul

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Adele: Full of Soul

I have a secret to share. I have this minor obsession with Adele. Not only is she beautiful, talented, sassy but she also can sing. Not just sing, the girl can sang. Have you heard her music? I recommend that you listen to "Chasing Pavement" first. I love it. 

Adele kissing her Grammys.

Yet, the one song that took my breath away was ‘Someone Like You’.  I really did feel like she was speaking to me. Adele first studio album 19 came out in 2007 but she has been around long before that.  The soul singer first put up her music on MySpace where she attracted the attention of XL Records.

The British singer took on the American audience by premiering on Saturday Night Live.

Got to love those eyes. Don't you agree?

Adele’s current album 21 came out this year and I was so excited to get it. I played the whole album over and over for the past month. It really didn’t matter where I was. But mostly while I was on the train or walking somewhere I would just get lost in her music.

One song I recommend is "Rolling in the Deep". I suggest that you listen to the lyrics. She is a great songwriter. Here’s a taste:

There's a fire starting in my heart,
Reaching a fever pitch and it's bring me out the dark,

Finally, I can see you crystal clear,
Go ahead and sell me out and I'll lay your shit bare,

(Adele, 21, Rolling in the Deep)


Now put a great folk/blue grass/blues beat to it and you will get one awesome song. She just has a way with words that makes her songs hit home one-way or another. 

Here is the official music video for "Rolling in the Deep":



In my opinion I think she is a mix of Cyndi Lauper, Sarah McLachlan, and Teresa Brewer.

Sometimes when artist release their sophomore albums it falls short to public expectations but 21 is not one of those albums.  Adele has a hit on her hands that allows listeners to get lost in the melodies and lyrics.


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SMBrown's picture

Love love love Adele!  And

Love love love Adele!  And the two songs you mention, "Rolling in the Deep" and "Someone Like You" are awesome.  The rest of the new album, not as much.  She made a bit of a rookie mistake by bringing in all sorts of highfalutin producers who watered her down a bit.  Of course, I'm sure it wasn't really HER mistake--probably the record label forced them on her, nevermind that 19 was all her and effing brilliant. 

Steph's picture

In my usual fashion of coming

In my usual fashion of coming to things WAY after the fact, I only recently bought 19 and I have to agree that it is brilliant.  (I think part of the problem was that Chasing Pavements was played ad nauseum when it was released and I tend to turn off when something is being rammed down my throat.)   The girl can sing!!

SMBrown's picture

Me too!

Steph, my initial comment was more than a week after Laniaya's posting, so I'm giving you a run for your money in the coming-late-to-the-party department!  ;)