2014 World Cup So Far

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2014 World Cup So Far

Every four years the FIFA World Cup comes around and countries raise their flags, paint their faces, and memorize those not so well known parts of their national anthem before embarking on a month long cheer fest.

America has not been well known for their love of the game. With other national past times (i.e. football, baseball, and basketball) soccer has dropped by the way side for a while but their has been a surge in the game over the last couple decades. I played all throughout school before heading off to college. That old argument that Americans don’t appreciate the game is old and becomes baseless as the years go on.

While Latin American countries dominated tickets sales inside Brazil the United Sates fans have been snatching up tickets. Soccer’s world governing body says that 60% of tickets sold were bought by Brazilians with the U.S. coming in second with sales of 196,838 seats.

The most sought after and coveted American tickets so far at the U.S. vs. Germany game. Sales for the match have skyrocketed. In my opinion I think its because the U.S. made the statement from the very beginning when they played Ghana. The Ghana match was a critical point for the U.S. because Ghana has beaten them in the last two World Cups.

So I digress, here are some what I think are the greatest moments of the World Cup (in no particular order):

  • Clint Dempsey of the United States scores in the first 30 seconds of the U.S. vs. Ghana Game.

  • Robin van Persie’s the ‘Flying Dutchman’ and his wonder gaol against Spain.

  • Mexico goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa. The mental and physical toughness he displayed though out the last two matches makes the world take notice.

  • The Columbian National team and Fans as a whole. Their overall excitement is infectious.

So last night the U.S took on Portugal in a match that had so many underlying factors for everyone involved (the socre was tied 2-2 which allows Portugal to advance.) Portugal played with their injured star Cristiano Ronaldo. The U.S. Jozy Altidore is out of commission until Thursday’s match with Germany where they will need him to advance to the knock-out stage.

The 2014 World Cup has deal hard blows to teams thought to be a sure thing. For example, Spain’s National team faces elimination during the group stage. The former World Cup champs have been dealt a hard blows with those two loses against the Netherlands and Chile.

So the big question here is who are you rooting for?