Three-Way: Sexting

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Three-Way: Sexting

We're minus one again this week as we continue our discussion about long-distance hook-ups, but will be joined by Amy next week!

Julia: Tami and I had a revelation about sexting this week.

Elizabeth: Oh?

Julia: We decided, quite mutually, that even though phone sex and cyber sex can sometimes feel contrived when you know the person, sexting remains hot forever because you do it illicitly while out in the world.  You can be standing in line at the grocery store and simultaneously telling your lover how much you want them to push you up against a wall and fuck you silly.

Elizabeth: I agree.  Completely.  Sexting will always be hot.  But can't you tell when someone is sexting?

Julia: Sometimes.

Elizabeth: I am a blusher, for example.

Julia: I got called on it this week at a friend's house.

Elizabeth: Ha ha! What did they say to you?!

Julia: It was RobinR. She called me a perv or something.

Elizabeth: I am always afraid that someone is going to catch a glimpse of my phone screen.

Julia: Ha! I have a crappy old phone with a tiny screen, so I don't have to worry too much about that.

Elizabeth: Or sometimes, that I will hand a friend my phone to borrow or to look at pictures of my dogs or something, and they will get a dirty text message.

Julia: LoLoLoL. I hadn't thought of that.

Elizabeth: So far that hasn't happened.

But wouldn't it depend on what your lady friend said?  It could be something so hot that you'd be like, "Awww yeeeah. That's how we roll." Or something reeeeeally embarrassing.


When "Ooh, look at my cute doggies!" turns into

"Ooh, lookit! She's doing me doggy-style!"

Elizabeth: I think I would always be embarrassed!

Julia: Aww. It takes a lot to embarrass me.  About sex, at least.

Elizabeth: That's really cool.  I embarrass easily.

Julia: About anything else, so do I.  But I'm a bit of a hussy.

Elizabeth: I don't think I always embarrassed so easily... I don't know what happened.  Now everything embarrasses me.

Julia: Oh, no! It's straight to hussy boot camp for you, my dear.

Elizabeth: In terms of sexting, I am even embarrassed to send sexts! Mostly, I am paranoid that my mom will accidentally get them.


Sexting 101: A Modern View of Slutting It Up in Public

Julia: OMG I totally have moments of that. I'm always checking and rechecking the number to make sure it's going to my girlfriend.

Elizabeth: Even though she doesn't even text.

Julia: Neither does my mom, but the person I text the most other than my lover is my sister. Yeah. Awkward.

I used to have phone sex on the home phone line of my parents' house when I was 15.  I was brave then.

Julia: Am I going to hell for thinking that's hot?

Elizabeth: Ha ha. Yes. Directly to hell.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Julia: I want my $200, bitch! I have an epic sexting bill to pay!

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Brilliant!!!! ;)

Brilliant!!!! Wink


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If we're going to hell for

If we're going to hell for what we all think, do and have done..... we'll have one hell of a time! Did it to a friend that was shopping in WalMart - she went to her car and called me - finished in the parking lot. Had a friend texting me when I was in NYC at Diana Cage's radio show - between those texts and Diana's show......whew! A good looking Emma to my side didn't hurt matters either!

Looking for my phone,


Twitter Time @kdhales

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I'm thinking Julia and CT

I'm thinking Julia and CT definitely need the unlimited sext plan. I wonder why more carriers don't advertise that? :?

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Let's remember that part

Let's remember that part about you not being easily embarrased for the next time I get in trouble Smile

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You hush!

You hush!