On Being Famous: MJ Is Back

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On Being Famous: MJ Is Back

Nothing excites us gossipers more than being able to say, “Michael Jackson is back!” The always entertaining Wacko Jacko, as they call him, has taken up a lot of blog space as of late.

First, all 50 of his scheduled performances at London’s 02 arena sold out within hours of going on sale, prompting talks of launching a world tour. Then, he became entangled in a legal battle, attempting to stop Julien’s Auction House from selling artwork and thousands of collectible items from Neverland Ranch, including the famous white glove.

And now the latest scoop is that he wants to adopt another baby! Perez Hilton perfectly summarized the adoption craziness saying,

“Jacko somehow already has three kids? Prince Michael I and Paris, and the infamous Prince Michael II, who is also known as (Balcony) Blanket? and we're pretty sure a fourth is not going to happen!

Although maybe he could adopt the Octo-Babies!

Look what you started, Angelina!”

Will this dyke come out of the closet already? Meghan McCain, John’s surprisingly hot daughter, talks to Larry King about her support of gay marriage and being a “progressive republican.”

Come on, we all know that “progressive republican” is code for “I’ve been munching carpet my entire life, but my family has forced me to repress my Sapphic tendencies.”Looks like supermodel/MILF Cindy Crawford still has that shaving cream fetish. Cindy, all lathered up in the April, 2009 issue of Allure, is obviously fantasizing about the infamous Vanity Fair (August, 1993) cover shoot in which she shaved a very dapper k.d. lang.


What’s up with her crotch in this photo though? She’s got some weird vaginaless Barbie thing goin’ on.


In this video, CNN anchor and closeted/flaming homosexual Anderson Cooper is too cool for school and refuses to dance with Ellen on her show. No one disses Ellen like that!

Even more interesting (and telling) is the reason he gives for sitting this one out “I was raised to suppress all my emotions. I can’t be publicly expressing things.” Mmm hmm.

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Xanadu's picture

I predict a disaster!

I predict a disaster!

itty's picture

MacN'Cheez at it's

MacN'Cheez at it's finest!!!

Yeah Baby.

Fastgurrrl's picture

Mmmmmmmmmmm, Megan...I wish

Mmmmmmmmmmm, Megan...I wish she'd go brunette. Tongue

Steph H's picture

I don't think there is cat in

I don't think there is cat in hell's chance that he is going to play 50 concerts. I would love to know the going rate for the insurance premium on a no-show by MJ....

Erin Blackwell's picture

WJ adopts the octobabies...

WJ adopts the octobabies... made me laugh... because it's so *right*

Robin Rigby's picture

Or much about much of

Or much about much of anything, really.

itty's picture

Yeah Baby....

Yeah Baby....

LongBeachDogLover's picture

Damn.........Janet J got

Damn.........Janet J got back. Now that's what I'm talkin' about !!

Rusty's picture

"since he didn’t know

"since he didn’t know anything about economics either"

Sad and true. Your comment reminds me of this:
Don't know much about history
Don't know much biology
Don't know much about a science book
Don't know much about the french I took

"When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will." ~ Pollyanna

itty's picture



itty's picture


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mysticsmb's picture

I don't believe Megan has

I don't believe Megan has come out as a fiscal conservative. On Rachel Maddow's show she said she knew nothing about economics. So maybe that makes her a George Bush conservative --since he didn't know anything about economics either...

LongBeachDogLover's picture

Oh, that's very funny my

Oh, that's very funny my Sweet, Dear Itty. That "I'm with stupid" sign is pointing at YOUR orange and beige head thingy. Soooo...... are you with yourself ?

And, to think I used to be in love lust like with you.

Xanadu's picture

I don't think the Cindy pic

I don't think the Cindy pic does her justice - she could be way hotter than that ...

As for MJ - he didn't get through the 3 minute press announcement about the tour ... how will he get through 50 concerts?

I'm impressed with Meghan McCain, simply for standing up to the oldies. To put up with her critics vicious public taunts, takes (for want of a better word) balls ... considering she's only 24.

Though I don't know what separates her from a Democrat? Is she just trying to change the Republican Party, because she doesn't have the freedom to join the other one (because of her dad)?

itty's picture

Hummmmm.... I don't care so

I don't care so much about MJ these days...
is there any gossip on JJ....

itty's picture

Just kidding.... you know

Just kidding....
you know your intelligence is 'ONE' of the many qualities that I admire most about you!!!!

LongBeachDogLover's picture

Meghan McCain is awesome. As

Meghan McCain is awesome. As she said, she represents the 'new' generation of Republicans..... she's a social liberal, a progressive Republican. I hope that her visibility will open a more accepting, and tolerant, dialog within both parties. A social liberal.... combined with a fiscal conservative, I like the possibilities.

Meghan certainly doesn't need to be a lesbian for me to adore her. And her candor about the Republican party.....well, it's actually very refreshing, I think that we could all learn something from her.

Cindy Crawford.......with or without her Barbie vagina, she is babe-o-licious.

Cool blog Amy, thanks !!

**P.S. Anderson baby, you're right dude......no one want's to see you dance. Ohhhh.... it has nothing to do with you being middle aged, or a WASP. I would say that it's because you have the personality of a cardboard box. Dude, get real.......you're not all that.

LongBeachDogLover's picture

Oops.....double post.

Oops.....double post.

minniesota's picture

Oh, oh, oh! One of my friends

Oh, oh, oh! One of my friends posted that Cindy Crawford photo the other day and I thought, "Huh?" I just saw a larger version of it and all I have to say is, "Bad Photoshop cloning tool usage."

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Amy Nicole Miller's picture

AND leave Cindy alone! She's

AND leave Cindy alone! She's hottt

Amy Nicole Miller's picture

Perez can be hilare

Perez can be hilare sometimes.

Amy Nicole Miller's picture

LOL I know, right? He

LOL I know, right? He probably does that arms swinging in a circle over his head thing!

alibaster's picture

As a longtime fan of Anderson

As a longtime fan of Anderson Cooper (all the way back to Channel One, sucka!) I'm outraged he didn't dance with Ellen. While he blamed it on his WASP-roots, I think the real reason is that he probably looks really gay when he dances, like Brian Kinney at Babylon and he was afraid of blowing his cover.

Grace Moon's picture

its very hard not to have

its very hard not to have that vision of jacko dangling Blanket over the balcony... so um... creepy. i'm sure those kids are growing up stable.

and CNN would be a better place if AC would just come out already...

tweet tweet @gracemoon

Greatest Guy On Earth's picture

Amy you have done it again!

Amy you have done it again! CIndy looks like a HAM! Was this one of the bad pics from Drag Race? HA! Megan mcCain..so lesbo..I heart it...For the next month I will be laughing to these two words "(Balcony) Blanket" HA! I love you. Keep em coming!