L Word Recap 603: Shock and Awe

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L Word Recap 603: Shock and Awe

Folks? Just when we all thought there was no saving this train wreck, the (mostly intentional) funny is back! Oh, Angela Robinson. As usual, you are my hero.

Tina reports to Aaron’s office, where she’s accused of collaborating with Jenny to steal the Lez The Girls film negative. (Aaron’s last name is Kornbluth? No wonder he’s so pissed off all the time.) Aaron stalks off, but not before charging Tina, who he holds personally responsible for all of this, with the task of recovering the negative from Jenny. In an angry aside, Tina joins the suspect of the week club, threatening to off Jenny.

Demented jack-in-the-box music heralds the coming of something creepy as the camera pans up someone’s body in bed. Sure enough, Shenny rears its ugly double-head: Jenny and Shane are curled up together, sleeping. Naked. Together. Eeugh.


Something furry and barky rouses Shane. OMG! Breaking news, TV fans. Sounder II LIVES!!!

Shane takes in her surroundings, surprised to find herself in the lair of the beast. Instead of fleeing sensibly to the nearest radiation scrub down facility, she wakes Jenny with feather light touches on the arm and a fond smile. Shane: “Shit. I don’t know what to say.” (I think “shit” sums it up pretty nicely, Shane.) Jenny: “I’m happy we fucked.” Gah! Funny, but GAH! They start getting it on again, but we are saved from further trauma by the doorbell and the arrival of Alice, Patron Saint of Squicked Cock-Blocking, who’s there to workshop her script treatment with Jenny.

Queen Jenny orders manservant Shane to dress and answer the door after a quick ‘Are we okay?’ powwow and still more kissing. There’s that doorbell again. Jenny: “Alice is so annoying!” (Kettle, I think you’re calling the pot a psychotic, egomanical megahosebeast!)

Alice takes one look at Shane and starts to twig: “Ah. I know that look… the ‘I had sex all night’ look.” Shane deadpans it, but then Jenny refers to Shane as her “little monkey.” The camera pushes in on Alice watching the two of them together, suspicion and growing horror playing across her face.


Shane and Jenny traipse off momentarily, leaving Alice to quietly freak: “Shit. Shit. Shit! EW! OMG.” Shane reappears. Alice: “Tell me you didn’t.” Shane says they’ll talk later. Alice is so wigged she carefully averts her eyes, unable to look at the two

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Lezbeth's picture

I wish I could get a customer

I wish I could get a customer to unload me. Laughing out loud

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Yeah, that one almost had me

Yeah, that one almost had me laughing as hard as I did when Alice's expression slowly changed to one of horrific nausea!

The face imitated around the world? I could just see everyone watching shift their expressions just like Alice's did when the scene opened on Shenny in bed together. Laughing out loud

Lezbeth's picture

Thanks all who posted on this

Thanks all who posted on this thread. It's an important discussion to have. I cringe when I read the stabs at transpersons for the reasons Julia, Insomniac and CMW clearly pointed out. I think in attempts to incorporate the issue of transgenderism, the L Word seriously failed those of us who are familiar and sensitive to the complexity of this as well as those of us who don't have experience or are not as aware of (or perhaps uncomfortable with) the many ways gender manifests.

As long as we keep respectfully informing each other, we're all better people for this kind of discussion.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Now WTF did I do with my

Now WTF did I do with my handcuffs...? :twisted:

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Yeah, now I have to wait 54

Yeah, now I have to wait 54 minutes to catch the last third or so of 603. Hope it doesn't make me start from the beginning, I don't think I can handle laughing like that again.

In Cincinnati tonight, 19 deg F and snowing. Too damned cold for this Cali girl, lol!

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

They probably won't show the

They probably won't show the real scary side of that scenario, since they haven't been too particularly realistic with the "Max" subplot so far.

If you want to see the reality, check out Boys Don't Cry, and then remember one thing, that really did happen, in every horrific detail. Then there's A Girl Like Me, which also happened, just the way they portrayed it. No names were changed, because the innocent were dead.

The sort of shit that happens in those movies? Happens in real life to real people about once every nine days. That doesn't include the assaults and rapes, the disfigurements, the homes burned to the ground, etc.

Just put yourself in their shoes for a minute, and consider those scary possibilities.

TheInsomniac's picture

Btfan2, I think you might

I think you might want to re-read some of the dozens of books and autobiographies you've no doubt read already about the identity categories of transgender/transsexual and transvestite. Or maybe you could speak with a few more of your friend's friends' friends who identify as transgendered. When you do, you will be reminded that the way the medical and legal establishment define gender and sex are quite at odds with the lived experiences of a huge majority of transgendered people. I couldn't agree more with you about how stupid the Max story is (and how irritating he is) but to claim that someone like Thomas Beatie is a woman lacks a basic level of respect for and understanding of how complex the sex/gender system really is. If I could count how many men I have heard say they wished they could experience having a baby I'd cite the number here. But then again that would only be my personal experience supported by anecdotal evidence. I think I'll just say that I don't believe it makes you less of a man to have a baby and if you can do it with your own body, well, why not?

A minute later after reading CA Med Woman:
Yeah, what she said!


CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

As soon as I get home in two

As soon as I get home in two or three weeks. A friend offered to upload one with me in a bikini, but, um, no frackin way, lol. I think she's saving that one for future extortion purposes, lol.

Gunna check the video now, while my customer is unloading me. Thanks!

Laughing out loud

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Actually, you need to look up

Actually, you need to look up the definitions before posting absolutisms. I understand this is your personal belief, and that many share it. But, this is not the reality.

Transvestism is a fetish. The individual is generally happy with the gender they belong to (from birth), but for whatever reason (usually sexual gratification) they dress occasionally as the opposite sex. They have no desire to change to the opposite sex, it's just a role playing thing.

Transsexualism (the most common form of transgenderism) is quite literally having the mind of one gender and the body of another. This is the one that gets people murdered, causes a disproportionate number of suicides, results in social isolation and absolute poverty, etc.

Transgender is a general umbrella term to describe anyone with a gender identity that conflicts with their anatomical body.

Intersexed is being, to various degrees, both genders anatomically, and in quite a few cases, psychologically as well (kind of like a widely varying third gender).

In my case, I am both intersexed and transgender. This is because the medical quacks botched the whole process of "correcting" my being intersexed, from choosing the wrong gender, to leaving the internal plumbing for both completely intact. Then, everyone (except my grandparents) tried the John Money MD theories of childhood gender identity on me, ranging from constant reinforcement of their perceptions of who I should be, to outright physical, psychological, and sexual torture.

I would agree the exploitive way TLW portrays "Max" is at the very least unrealistic and insulting towards the trans-population in general. I also agree the attention seeking behaviors of Beatie are, well, cause for serious concern. But I'm tired of seeing a tiny and highly exploited (not to mention intensely persecuted) minority population being forced to endure insults and punishment for how the media and a few oddballs portray a sterotypical public image of the trans-population.

BTW, a tranny is either an automotive transmission or an insult to transgender persons.

Also, I've learned in life after several decades that the more oppression one faces, the more judgmental they tend to be towards their oppressors. They can even become oppressors themselves, in an effort to curry favor with their oppressors and deflect negative attention from themselves onto others.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Thanks Julie, you put it much

Thanks Julie, you put it much better and more politely than I was in the mood for, saving me the urge to go completely off and then having to apologize later.

And, yeah, the character Max's story line is completely lame, always has been. The character is about as realistic as Bugs Bunny, and about as entertaining as a medical conference on report writing. It's safe to assume that, on trans issues, IC is winging it completely, probably because she doesn't know any trans-person in real life.

btfan2's picture

Point taken Julia, But I am

Point taken Julia, But I am not insulting Him - he doesn't exist. That's the point. A life long friend of mine is a trans gender. Female to male. He went through hell making the transition.

Failed operations, mistreated at work, even ridiculed by so called friends. I spent a lot of time talking to him and really getting an honest feel for what REAL trans gender's go through(we've been friends since grade school). I've met other trans guys through him and yes they find the max story so far off the chart that it's an insult to them.

I'm making fun of this crazy, completely fucked up story that insults trans gender people and has little to do with the real world. Could this happen sure anything can happen but; why not tell a story that makes sense instead of making a mockery of something that's beyond difficult even when you have friends ,family ,money and support. Instead of presenting tranie's as complete misfits, which they aren't.

Max gets pretty poor treatment on this show. Have you written to IC??

My friend is legally a man with all needed body parts, he never goes to gay bars because he is not gay, he doesn't hang with lesbians because he is not a lesbian - he lives and loves as a man period.

Most of my gay and straight friends do not know he's a transgender.

No not everyone goes this route but, few go the max route.

But insulting him on the grounds of being a pregnant trans guy is gross.

This is not a difference of opinion this is the way it is, if you have 2 breast, 2 ovaries and a vagina you are a woman. If you think like a man, dress like a man and act like a man you are a transvestite.

The newspapers and media may make a big deal out of the pregnant man, there is no such thing. Most trans guys wouldn't have vaginal sex for a million bucks. Again i concede it can and does happen, but; when it happens it's a woman having a baby.

I'm not making fun of tranie's I'm making fun of this stupid story. And with all the problems these 2 have they still have time to judge others isn't that pretty life like.

Julia Watson's picture

Okay, I gotta say I'm

Okay, I gotta say I'm uncomfortable with the tone of this and some of the other comments lately about Max's character. Referring to a trans guy as "Maxie Pad" and casting aspersions on the genitalia and secondary sex characteristics of his unborn child is not cool.

I'm sorry to single you out, btfan, when you're not the only one who's been on this kick recently, but this comment put me over the edge. I get not liking Max because his storylines are lame or because of his less-than-winning personality. But insulting him on the grounds of being a pregnant trans guy is gross.

btfan2's picture

When does hootie finally go

When does hootie finally go away. Haven't we endured enough. Christ!!

The only ones who bug me more -- oh you guessed it Maxie Pad and Tommy Cringe. Oh and baby Maxie Cringe or is it Tommy Pad?? never mind, the little tyke will be born with a full set of whiskers, great pecs and no pecker - WTF!!

conlite's picture

I am wondering more how they

I am wondering more how they will show the world adjusting to Max's pregnancy. Max and Tom go to lamaze class? Many scary possibilities down that road too....

conlite's picture

Yah, and the other is Alex

Yah, and the other is Alex Kondracke (sp?) another L Word writer. I thought it was hilarious that they were pitching some lame vampire show!

Julia Watson's picture

Ooh! What do you think of the

Ooh! What do you think of the contestants so far? Jamie and Carla are my favorites.

Kelly McCartney's picture

There's a 72-minute limit for

There's a 72-minute limit for each viewing session. Then it tells you to wait 54 minutes before watching again. I got jacked a couple of times during my "Top Chef" catch-up marathon.

Won't you be my neighbor? @theKELword

Julia Watson's picture

Heehee. W/T nerds unite!

Heehee. W/T nerds unite!

little_earth's picture

I wonder when Angela is going

I wonder when Angela is going to get back to Girl Trash, yeah it would be great if she just did the rest of the Lword this season but since she probably isn't, lets get us some GT

Lots of Love - little_earth "Occasionally, I'm callous and strange" - Willow

Allegra's picture

Even though Bette is not my

Even though Bette is not my favor I kind admire her because at work is a "bitch" but in her personal life is so vulnerable and goes with the flow without any reservation.

Steph H's picture

That episode was genius!

That episode was genius!

Steph H's picture

Hi there! FYI, I am in London

Hi there!
FYI, I am in London too!

Maclay's picture

It is indeed :)

It is indeed Smile

Steph H's picture

I presume they are paying her

I presume they are paying her LOTS of money to help her overlook the ridiculousness of her storylines..... and the fact that her personality changes with the wind! It's actually hilarious.

Steph H's picture

But that would probably

But that would probably result in some sort of semi-psycho Benny interlude - which may be even worse than Shenny....

Steph H's picture

Sadly I made it into work

Sadly I made it into work this morning.....

mysticsmb's picture

Did you notice Angela's cameo

Did you notice Angela's cameo in the episode? She's one of the two women meeting w/Tina when she gets the Shenny text message.

Julia Watson's picture

I would like to see Bette

I would like to see Bette slap some sense into Jenny!

Julia Watson's picture

Intimidating is HOT.

Intimidating is HOT.

Julia Watson's picture

Hi Maclay! By chance, is your

Hi Maclay! By chance, is your online alias a Buffy reference? Smile

Julia Watson's picture

Angela Robinson is kind of my

Angela Robinson is kind of my filmmaker idol. And she definitely takes the cake when it comes to hysterically funny representations of the lesbian phone tree.

Julia Watson's picture

Hey lady, you gotta get your

Hey lady, you gotta get your gravatar going. I wanna see the new purple 'do!

And check out that link Kelly posted above to watch the episode online. Pretty cool!

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

That does it, no more food or

That does it, no more food or beverages allowed anywhere near me when I visit this site! It's just not healthy for my sinuses to pass a tuna sandwich through my nose! Laughing out loud

Okay, that episode I have to watch next chance I get.

Okay, now that I have tears streaming down my face and I've turned as purple as my hair, how do I stop laughing?

Fantastic and hilarious, the best yet (yes, even better than the BSG scenario)!

Not2Taem's picture

True that on the flow.

True that on the flow.

Not2Taem's picture

LOL There is definitely

There is definitely something wrong with me. The first scene nearly made me regurge, but by the second I just filtered Jenny out all together. Shane is actually hot when she's doing the quiet sweet form of sexy.

*fingers in ear, ducking the rotten fruit*

PS: Do you think they'll bring the cute little white dress back? Maybe in cotton?

Not2Taem's picture

I just want to slap some

I just want to slap some sense and sensitivity into her. Even Jenny doesn't gall me as much as Bette doing Its All About ME!

minniesota's picture

Jenny with the latte on the

Jenny with the latte on the basketball court is one of my favorite moments.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Robin Rigby's picture

I loved everyone's reaction

I loved everyone's reaction to the news but Helena's fall from the treadmill and Alice's fast blinking (as if she could somehow wake from this nightmare and wipe the images from her mind) were the top two.

Thank you Angela Robinson for making this season a little less crappy. You rock!

Who else thinks Alice will make a threat on Jenny's life next week when she finds out that Jenny's new treatment is really just a rip-off of Alice's?

mysticsmb's picture

Angela Robinson wrote and

Angela Robinson wrote and directed the most (imho) stylish Lword episode ever: "Luck Be a Lady," season 4, episode 6. It's the one that starts with 10-minutes or so of hilarious cell phone conversations. After that episode I was like 'woo-hoo' things are looking up! Unfortunately, the following week it was back to mediocrity (not written or directed by Robinson). Wonder where we'll land in the Lword crap-shoot next week...

chelilektra's picture

A) I love that you're


I love that you're posting full length episodes of a Showtime series online.

Dyke drama much?


I cannot understand why two of the hottest actresses in existence doing it is making me want to hurl, but it really is, grosskies and death to Shenny.


I think that 603 was the worst yet. I wasn't laughing on the floor, I was in pain. I know that this may sound a little crazy, but while I love the L word when it does zany right (e.g. Jenny in a boat with Sounder or sipping coffee at a b-ball game), I'd actually like to take it just a little bit seriously. This parody of itself shit gets old REALLY fast.

mysticsmb's picture

Helena (and Rachel Shelley)

Helena (and Rachel Shelley) won me over with her sheer staying-power. Her character has been the victim of more ridiculous plot devices than any other on the show--i suppose it helps that she's outrageously attractive, but also that she's a very game actress.

Maclay's picture

I'm in London and I just

I'm in London and I just watched it Smile My favourite part is Alice's imitation of Shane at the end, so funny. I missed the funny. It feels like it's been a long time since this show has had such a different tone to it.

Allegra's picture

The scene of Phyllis and

The scene of Phyllis and Bette was the top of all. I think writers are in a good way to make the fans be happy again Smile

Grace Moon's picture

okay i think there is a 72

okay i think there is a 72 min time limit on the ammount of free video you can watch in a day through that service. also not sure if international can view. let us know.

tweet tweet @gracemoon

Steph H's picture

I find it sexy, but

I find it sexy, but unapproachable!

Ooooh, I do like a woman in uniform.....especially a US cop uniform...

Steph H's picture

Hey Kelly Thanks - if I have

Hey Kelly

Thanks - if I have another "adverse weather conditions" enforced day at home tomorrow, that's me sorted!

peacekitty's picture

Wel I'm more like Alice IRL,

Wel I'm more like Alice IRL, so maybe that's why I like Bette. I think intimidating is sexy. I used to date cops. lol

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

Kelly McCartney's picture

Hey Steph, We just embedded a

Hey Steph,
We just embedded a stream of last night's episode. You can watch the first two as well, if you follow the crumbs.

Won't you be my neighbor? @theKELword

Rusty's picture

Scariest sentences in the

Scariest sentences in the English language:

"Luke, I am your father."
"Someday, and that day may never come, I'll call upon you to do a service for me."
"Max struggles to adjust to his pregnancy."

"When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will." ~ Pollyanna

Steph H's picture

You know, she's the one

You know, she's the one character I have never really warmed to. I find her totally intimidating!!

Alice is my fave....