The L Word 602 Recap: 9021Lesbo

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The L Word 602 Recap: 9021Lesbo

Welcome to West Beverly High, where the emotional maturity level of our lez-be-frenz has been secretly replaced with that of 15-year-olds! This week, on a very special episode of The L Word

Stung by the revelation that their last night together was naught but a grudge fuck, a raccoon-eyed Niki rants to her entourage about the evils of Jenny. (Preach!) One unlucky hanger-on says the wrong thing and gets her partying pink slip by way of being booted from Niki’s five. (Poor Tiffy!) Oh, yeah — and Niki threatens Jenny’s life: “You’re dead meat, Schecter. Dead!” ‘Least Likely’ indeed.


At The Planet, Helena and Kit are hard at work, decked out in matching geek-chic glasses. (Oh, Rachel Maddow! You have made nerdiness so sexy in the feasting halls of our people that your influence has spread all the way to Glamazonia!) Nearby, Jenny and Alice sit across from one another at dueling laptops. The Schecter watches Shane’s arrival with a vacant, put-upon expression. Shane has made Jenny some waffles of EPIC FAIL as a peace offering, but Jenny dumps them in the garbage after a game of “I’m not speaking to you” telephone via Alice.

Bette and Tina show up and determine their seating arrangements by way of ‘rock, paper, scissors.’ Bette: “Have fun with the martyrs.” Tina: “Have fun with the cheaters.” We learn that Alice is writing a screenplay treatment; Tina volunteers Jenny to look it over for her. BFFs Tibette send each other gossipy texts about their friends from eight feet away, as Alice and Tasha put the ‘ick’ back in McBickersons. Jenny spends so much time with her mouth open in stunned dismay that I begin to wonder if that’s how she drowned. Bette and Tina announce they are planning to adopt baby Portard number two. Shane confronts Jenny, begging for forgiveness yet again, but to no avail.

Back at the homestead, Shane the indentured servant works on home improvement projects for Jenny. Max is off for his final pre-op consult.

Tina learns that Lez Girls has been retitled The Girls, and will be marketed as a hetero love story in the vein of Sex in the City. Barf. Tina’s mewling protests are met with: “Get on board, Tina. The train’s not going to lezzie town.”

On campus, at a staff meeting, Jodi basks in accolades for her vengeful art piece about Bette. Bette arrives. Awkward!

An enthusiastic Max

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Apparently the mystery of who killed Jenny is not resolved by the end of the series. IC feels it's unimportant since TLW is a character-driven show.

Hey I know,

- let's not say who shot JR.
- 5th Cylon? Not important.
- One-armed man? Nunya.

IC: "Help, I've fallen into a plot device and I can't get out."

"When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will." ~ Pollyanna

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"where the emotional maturity

"where the emotional maturity level of our lez-be-frenz has been secretly replaced with that of 15-year-olds! "

lol...I think that's being generous. I was just telling a freind that the L-word characters are perpetually 12 years old.

Re: Elizabeth Berkley. When she walked on screen I immediately felt like I was watching Showgirls. Poor Ms. Berkley...That terrible movie just follows her everywhere.

Yay, we have two actresses from hokey, bad dance movies in the same show.

Beals to Berkley, "I'll see your Showgirls and raise you a Flashdance!" lol

Sorry, it's all gotten so corny I just have to laugh.

Thanks for a great write-up Julia. Smile

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

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Worst yet - it's gotta be a

Worst yet - it's gotta be a dream - a bad dream. I swear, it's like the writers sat around that table - thought up possibles - then started asking each other how they could make that possible a farce.

And that exchange between Bette and Kelly - oh paleeze - the worst yet. Two middle aged professional women standing in the middle of an art gallery seeing how many times they can say the F word! And Bette - at her age - making those moon eyes at a college roommate with whom she shared one kiss? What has happened to Bette? Who is this woman masquerading as our Alpha Bette? Totally ignoring Tina was soooo contrived and over done. Ooooooooooo!

That vision of Jenny and Shane kissing is causing me to have the shivers.....

Can't wait until next Sunday,


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