The L Word 602 Recap: 9021Lesbo

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The L Word 602 Recap: 9021Lesbo

Welcome to West Beverly High, where the emotional maturity level of our lez-be-frenz has been secretly replaced with that of 15-year-olds! This week, on a very special episode of The L Word

Stung by the revelation that their last night together was naught but a grudge fuck, a raccoon-eyed Niki rants to her entourage about the evils of Jenny. (Preach!) One unlucky hanger-on says the wrong thing and gets her partying pink slip by way of being booted from Niki’s five. (Poor Tiffy!) Oh, yeah — and Niki threatens Jenny’s life: “You’re dead meat, Schecter. Dead!” ‘Least Likely’ indeed.


At The Planet, Helena and Kit are hard at work, decked out in matching geek-chic glasses. (Oh, Rachel Maddow! You have made nerdiness so sexy in the feasting halls of our people that your influence has spread all the way to Glamazonia!) Nearby, Jenny and Alice sit across from one another at dueling laptops. The Schecter watches Shane’s arrival with a vacant, put-upon expression. Shane has made Jenny some waffles of EPIC FAIL as a peace offering, but Jenny dumps them in the garbage after a game of “I’m not speaking to you” telephone via Alice.

Bette and Tina show up and determine their seating arrangements by way of ‘rock, paper, scissors.’ Bette: “Have fun with the martyrs.” Tina: “Have fun with the cheaters.” We learn that Alice is writing a screenplay treatment; Tina volunteers Jenny to look it over for her. BFFs Tibette send each other gossipy texts about their friends from eight feet away, as Alice and Tasha put the ‘ick’ back in McBickersons. Jenny spends so much time with her mouth open in stunned dismay that I begin to wonder if that’s how she drowned. Bette and Tina announce they are planning to adopt baby Portard number two. Shane confronts Jenny, begging for forgiveness yet again, but to no avail.

Back at the homestead, Shane the indentured servant works on home improvement projects for Jenny. Max is off for his final pre-op consult.

Tina learns that Lez Girls has been retitled The Girls, and will be marketed as a hetero love story in the vein of Sex in the City. Barf. Tina’s mewling protests are met with: “Get on board, Tina. The train’s not going to lezzie town.”

On campus, at a staff meeting, Jodi basks in accolades for her vengeful art piece about Bette. Bette arrives. Awkward!

An enthusiastic Max

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Steph H's picture

Thank heaven for small

Thank heaven for small mercies eh?


Steph H's picture

Tae - look up here!! Ha

Tae - look up here!!

Ha ha!!! My generation is made of sturdy stuff after spending our childhoods being subjected to the horror of spam fritters!! (I turned on the waterworks and got my mum to make me packed lunches......)

Xanadu's picture

Ha! Funny!

Ha! Funny!

Not2Taem's picture

Steph, look up here! SPAM

Steph, look up here!
SPAM Fritters? How ever did you survive? Shock

Not2Taem's picture

Good you have something to

Good you have something to fall/plummet back on.

But don't worry, you still have he accent. Wink

Not2Taem's picture

OK tease, dish! :?

OK tease, dish! :?

Tex's picture

Bette and Tina's "I saw it"

Bette and Tina's "I saw it" sex scene - absolutely a snub to both actors....

Twitter Time @kdhales

Tex's picture

Are we working up to the

Are we working up to the ultimate of all TLW climaxes?

Twitter Time @kdhales

Erin Blackwell's picture

i thought the show was

i thought the show was BRILLIANT! of course i only watched the first 6 episodes on dvd to review them. and i'm easily blinded by babes. BUT... there was brilliance

in packaging it to sell to mainstream, including how the pilot worked (suckering in straights with some bi action), which leads me to The Jenny, whom i HATED & then realized IC wanted me to hate. there were brains at work.

in pioneering a lesbo sit-com, dram-com, soft-porn-com. never been done. like the honeymooners with production values.

in showing the many facets of dyke attraction & attitude. it wasn't the whole barnyard, but a lot of the animals were on view, often played by dykes.

in making race as important as sexual perversion in the person of one of the leads, also the biggest name, gorgeous, charismatic.

in woman-on-woman comedy. there was some Really Funny Stuff that flew by very quickly, visual jokes, double takes, situational humor. all of it was new because no one had ever shown lesbians at play before on TV.

Julia Watson's picture

Okay, I didn't know it was

Okay, I didn't know it was possible, but I think that is actually MORE horrifying than Shenny.

I think I need to go wash my eyeballs out with Sharmen...

peacekitty's picture

ShaPhyllis.....sounds like

ShaPhyllis.....sounds like Syphillis. lol Eeew.

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

Julia Watson's picture

The sex scenes certainly seem

The sex scenes certainly seem toned down and given less time so far this season. If Shenny is to be consummated, I can only hope this trend holds...

peacekitty's picture

J-dub! :) Sweetie you've

J-dub! Smile Sweetie you've got me confused with some other Shenny lover because I like Molly and Shane together. But I'll pretend I like Shenny and pick a fight with you if you want.

The couple I loved was Tibette....and well things have gone so wrong with that show that I don't care who Bette does at this point. If she wants to do it with wooden, ditsy, bubble-headed old roomate Kelly Whats-her-name then more power to her.

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

Steph H's picture

How about Shane wrapped all

How about Shane wrapped all around Phyllis - that would give ShaPhyllis....... (see what I did there?)

*goes back to the day job*

Allegra's picture

I don't know if I am right

I don't know if I am right but did they decrease sex scenes?

Steph H's picture

LOL!! Spam fritters were the

LOL!! Spam fritters were the standard offering at my school when I was growing up! I thought they had died a death but no, my local chippie is offering them up!

V - ILE!


CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

She is.

She is.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

What, me, bitter? Just

What, me, bitter? Just because OC fired everyone, and then lied to us, and then let pervert spamming hackers take over in the forums and access our email? Now why would I be bitter about that?

But, I never really saw TLW and OC as one in the same. If I did, I likely would never have stumbled across the site to begin with, because I stopped watching TLW during Season 4, mainly because the writing got a bit, well, predictable AND weird. What TLW has evolved into I place squarely at IC's feet, because it is her show and her creation. What happened at OC I blame Viacom for, because it is their site.

Both TLW and OC had great potential, and then that potential was smashed into millions of pieces by their creators. I'm not really bitter, just disappointed at both parties' lack of commitment to anything that doesn't result in instant fame and a quick buck. OC I boycotted, because of how things were handled last November and subsequent to that. TLW isn't being boycotted by me, I just lost interest a while back.

Latabularasa's picture

This final season can be

This final season can be simply requires a few tools.
1) Alcohol (and/or additional inebriating substances)
2) Friendly company
3) Short term memory loss*
4) The knowledge that it will soon be over

*To forget several things: that you have spent the last 6 years of your life watching this show, that this is the representation we are presenting to the world, your feeling of deepening disappointment which you can just attribute to the economy, and beginning of the episode by the time you have finished it.


CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Oh frack, there goes

Oh frack, there goes breakfast! (referring to your follow-up comment below) :mrgreen:

Bittersweet's picture

I dunno but I personally

I dunno but I personally think that TLW dealt with alot more relevant issues than shows such as Dynasty which were basically predictable materialistic dramas of the 80's, so in that sense TLW I consider better. Emmy? I dunno, but I'd rather watch re-runs of TLW than Dynasty anyday Smile.

lmz's picture

just one pair ? i think you

just one pair ?
i think you need more

Xanadu's picture

I still think the Shane and

I still think the Shane and Carmen - Season 2 finale sex deserved an Emmy! That segment never gets old!

bronniepickle's picture

My socks and I have had, well

My socks and I have had, well let's just say, artistic differences. I'm negotiating with a pair of bunny slippers now. I'll let you know how it works out.

LongBeachDogLover's picture

I been told that SPAM is

I been told that SPAM is everything that they scrape up off the slaughterhouse floor that 'they' can't legally to put into dog food!! Ummm........ yummy.

Sorry P/K, you weren't making SPAM stew... were you ?? Laughing out loud

This is how I remember :

S= Scrotum
P= Penis
A= Ass
M= Mucus-membranes

Go ahead, enjoy !! Wink


Not2Taem's picture

Shenny is shicky! I take it

Shenny is shicky! I take it you can break that one down. Laughing out loud
Give me ShaMe! Shane wrapped ALL around Molly. Laughing out loud

Not2Taem's picture

Well said, Jules. Emmy :?:

Well said, Jules.

Emmy :?:

peacekitty's picture

Hahah! :) Have you ever had

Hahah! Smile

Have you ever had SPAM? Oh wait you're veggie, nevermind....but oh man it's the foulest substance ever created.

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

Not2Taem's picture

Is that some sort of

Is that some sort of steamboat reference?
Never mind. Definitely do not want to know!

LongBeachDogLover's picture


Laughing out loud

Not2Taem's picture

squicky? squishy/icky?

squicky? squishy/icky? squeamishly icky?
I like the sound, but I'm curious about the derivation.

Not2Taem's picture

You are, but DON'T STOP!!

You are, but

peacekitty's picture

Dont' know if it's a major

Dont' know if it's a major role but Jennifer Beals just signed on to do a science fiction film with Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman.

But Beals has been in a lot of small movie roles or very forgettable movies.

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

Not2Taem's picture

Good point, Kelly. I don't

Good point, Kelly. I don't think our gals we be playing any major roles until everyone watching this trash has hit the Alzheimer stage. And here I was hoping to see Kate break out of her mold and go on to something new and different. Sad

Julia Watson's picture

Dylan, at least your scene

Dylan, at least your scene was one of the least fizzly! Poor, poor Helena...

TheInsomniac's picture

I thought it was the great

I thought it was the great e-parent in cyberspace saying stop fooling around and get back to work!
Thanks Grace, now I can count a few goats and finally fall sleep.
The Insomniac


peacekitty's picture

Oh good I'm glad I'm not

Oh good I'm glad I'm not crazy. lol First they weren't there and then they were. Thought I was spending WAY too much time in front of a computer screen. Smile

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

Grace Moon's picture

no actually its our spam

no actually its our spam catcher that is whacked.

its been keeping out you, erin, kent, Insomniac and a few others...

not sure why that is. we don't check it everyday so if you have trouble posting again let me know and i'll de-spam you.

tweet tweet @gracemoon

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

And we all know how much I

And we all know how much I love twisted minds! :twisted:

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Now you know why I no longer

Now you know why I no longer drink anything when visiting this site, lol!

Rusty's picture

Great analysis, Julia;

Great analysis, Julia; especially the last paragraph.

"When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will." ~ Pollyanna

LongBeachDogLover's picture

Hi Kitty !! ;) "But can

Hi Kitty !! Wink

"But can you please explain to me why David Duchovny won an Emmy for Californication? What exactly am I missing in terms of his performance because I honestly see nothing great about it. Who’d he blow to get that honor?"

OMG......I am still laughing Kitty. Sometimes I ask myself the same exact thing. Laughing out loud

But, I think the one thing that needs to be stressed is : when it comes to the actors/actresses.... their performance is separate from the show that they appear in. By that I mean, there are times.... quite often actually, when an actor is recognized for their character portrayal, and the show receives no recognition. Often, one episode will be the determining factor, not, the entire seasons worth of performances. We may not always agree with the outcome, and often times I don't, but....once again this is peer acknowledgment.

I'm not sure who he was up against. He may have had a stellar character performance, in a singular episode, as judged against his qualifying peers...

Remember, it's performance by an individual in a separate character portrayal. Not the show, not the costumes, not the music, not the writing or directing. Even though all of those preceding factors can (and do) create an environment of artist beauty and stunning entertainment, singularly, they do not always standout in comparative terms....

I'm sorry if this sounds somewhat confusing. The parameters for Emmy consideration are fairly strict..... with such, avoiding the appearance of offering unfair, preferential treatment to one person or show, at the expense of others who's performance deserves acknowledgment.

Damn Kitty, now I'm confused !! Shock

Hugs to you,

P.S....... Ohhhhh, how I wish I could accept a little lovin' for a vote!!! Laughing out loud

peacekitty's picture

Thanks for the info LBDL. I

Thanks for the info LBDL. I always love reading your inside perspective.

But can you please explain to me why David Duchovny won an Emmy for Californication? What exactly am I missing in terms of his performance because I honestly see nothing great about it. Who'd he blow to get that honor?

I read that interview Caroline Ryder interview today as well where Ilene talks about the L-word being snubbed at the Emmy's. Is she serious? I can possibly see Jennifer Beals being nominated in the actor catagory, but the show is so poorly written that Ilene has to be in a huge state of denial to think it's Emmy worthy.

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

LongBeachDogLover's picture

Hi Jules...... I just read

Hi Jules......

I just read the article concerning Ilene Chaikens disappointment about not receiving "Emmy" consideration.

Well, I certainly do find that a bit disturbing. She knows it's not a popularity contest, it's about quality.

As a voting member of the, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences™, I have to say it is never an easy task. Along with the tremendous number of submissions that we review, hundreds of hours of programming is scrutinized.....only those that are truly worthy move on to the secondary step.

As a judge, I am honored by the privilege to assess the quality of my peers work, and their artistic achievements throughout the year.

It is an unfortunate reality in 'Hollywood', that there is a sense of entitlement by some studios and show runners. Well, those of us who are pro-active members of the ATAS, pledge to set our relationships, studio, and network connections aside, and view each entry on it's individual merits.

It is not "retroactive". By that I mean....If the submissions in any given year, are in a category with other exceptional programming, I can't say to myself....."Yeah, this submission sucks...but, last years submission was great... so I think I'll vote for this show since it didn't win last year". We judge by the most current submissions..... unfortunately for Ilene Chaiken, the L Word has not been able to compete with other shows.

Now, that doesn't mean that they are not worthy of recognition, it simply means that it has not been judged to be worthy of "outstanding" recognition amongst it's peers.

Each episode, each actress/actor, each director etc. is being evaluated for a specific category and episode, or compilation of episodes. We have no discretion to include past performances.

The EMMY™, is the ultimate award for those in the television industry, simply because it is recognition from those that you work with....your peers. Unfortunately, we can be fairly brutal on each other, because the 'art' of television is extremely comparative. It is not about 'popularity'....

The true measure of 'popularity' would be the Peoples Choice Awards. I'm not sure if TLW has ever been recognized by the public for excellence, perhaps that is where IC should be placing her efforts....


Dylan's picture

Really dissappointing

Really dissappointing episode. Cannot believe it's going to go out with a fizzle

btfan2's picture

Julia I used to smile around


I used to smile around Emmy time when people on OC -(you know that community board that showtime created to up it's viewers and income around tlw, then dropped it like a bad habit because they weren't set up to run a community board - WTF). anyway all the buzz and angst about this actor or that actor not being nominated was surreal.

The L Word could have been something special, gosh they had talent, they had a story that hadn't been beaten to death - (like girls in prison***, or war stories, or drugs.)

Of course there was a problem, lack of vision,(like what do we do if this thing goes past season 1 - oh shit we never considered that - darn).

We'll write drivel, fly by the seat of our pants, have 10,000 guest actors with no real relevance to the story because these dyke's are so needy they'll just keep on eating shit sandwiches - and


It's always about the writing or lack thereof......

peacekitty's picture

Okay nevermind, my computer

Okay nevermind, my computer is just whacked. I logged in with another computer and can see that my comments did indeed post. What a weird glitch.

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

Julia Watson's picture

I have long considered TLW to

I have long considered TLW to be an important show, culturally, but no, never a great one. I just read an article by Caroline Ryder this morning, in which she interviews IC. They touched on the show being "snubbed" by the Emmy's, and I couldn't help but think that sounded a little bit insane. I think the cast is terrific, for the most part, and maybe the show deserved an Emmy for like, costuming or something... but other than that? Not so much.

In many ways I think TLW is significant moreso because of what has coalesced around it, by way of queer community and critique of what queer female identity and community look like and what it was like for all of us to finally see it onscreen in some form for six years, than the quality or content of the show itself.

Professor C's picture

Gay-on-gay violence, old

Gay-on-gay violence, old flames, too many brown necklaces accessorizing a leopard print blouse?!

I haven't had showtime for years but this blog is hilarious & so i am seriously considering getting back on the L word train to lezzie town. Thank you Julia Watson!

oh and also thanks for the Lesbo Math plug xoxo

Rusty's picture

I was wondering if anyone

I was wondering if anyone ever actually considered TLW a great show?

From the beginning I thought it was a night time soap but not even on a par with Dynasty. I was never disappointed that neither the show nor the actors received Emmy nominations because even when it was at its best it was only so-so. What am I missing?

"When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will." ~ Pollyanna