New York Gov to Name Kirsten Gillibrand… Who?

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New York Gov to Name Kirsten Gillibrand… Who?

The Empire State Pride Agenda reports that Kirsten Gillibrand, New York's soon-to-be-named Senator loves the gays. The Pride Agenda's Executive Director, Alan Van Capelle, stated:

After talking to Kirsten Gillibrand, I am very happy to say that New York is poised to have its first U.S. Senator who supports marriage equality for same-sex couples. She also supports the full repeal of the federal DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) law, repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) and passage of legislation outlawing discrimination against transgender people. While we had a productive discussion about a whole range of LGBT concerns, I was particularly happy to hear where she stands on these issues.

Earlier this morning, WNYC, NPR's local affiliate, reported that Gillibrand, a young congress person from Eastern New York, has been a conservative Democrat. She has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association and was said to oppose gay marriage.

Well, today she seems to be singing a different tune. Governor David Paterson, who supports gay marriage, was intent on replacing Hillary Clinton with another woman. And the predominantly liberal down-state New Yorkers (which includes New York City) would be hard-pressed to elect a conservative Democrat in two years when her senate seat will be challenged. There is still some guessing as to why the assumed top pick, Caroline Kennedy, withdrew her name. Now some speculate it had to do with Paterson's choice of Gillibrand over Kennedy.

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If you want to change the gun

If you want to change the gun laws, the method is simple:

Everyone that wants to ban firearms should immediately join the NRA, and then vote out the current leadership and vote in a leadership panel that will advocate your position.

Before you do that, however, here's something to keep in mind...

The only likely reason Bush was not declared Dictator-For-Life is because more than half the law abiding citizens in this country have legally obtained firearms.

BTW, I tracked the Colin Furguson case. While tragic, he was clearly mentally ill (though legally sane from a criminal prosecution standard) and used a type of weapon and ammunition already not legal in New York state at the time of the shooting, weapon and ammunition obtained through other criminals, the only ones able to obtain them.

My question is probably an obvious one... Why didn't the police go after whomever sold him the weapon and ammunition in the first place? The answer is equally obvious... too much money involved in the illegal sales of firearms. Same reason they never go after the major players in the illegal drug trade, human trafficking, kiddie porn, etc.

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Welcome to politics, American

Welcome to politics, American style. The sleaze factor will probably be a part of it for at least another generation or two, because for the moment it sells.

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My shortest response

My shortest response ever:


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you're welcome LBDL - thanks

you're welcome LBDL - thanks for watching!

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I don't think I can support

I don't think I can support any candidate with a 100% positive rating from the NRA, no matter her (new-found) stance on gay issues. And there are at least two other congresswomen already on the record supporting gay issues who I think would have been better choices: Carolyn McCarthy and Carolyn Maloney. McCarthy (whose husband and son were murdered on the LIR by a gunman) has already stated an intention to run against her in 2010 or throw her support behind a more liberal candidate.

Gillibrand is not well-liked amongst NY's congressional delegation and is referred to as the 'Tracy Flick' (Reese Witherspoon's character in ELECTION) of NY politics.

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Unfortunately the NYP was fed

Unfortunately the NYP was fed that salacious gossip by an aide to Paterson. Really low move on Paterson's part, one that will probably (deservedly) sink him for re-election. He bungled this whole process--dithered on making a decision, leaving NY without a senator, and then he unnecessarily humiliated Caroline.

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Is this one of

Is this one of those..."there's a lot of gays in this town and if we don't tell them we love them publicly, they won't vote for us on the next election" situations? is good!!!

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Interesting theory as is she

Interesting theory as is she - prominent family members both Republican and Democrat - mega fund raiser - votes her conscience it appears - ya'll are gonna have fun keeping up with her!

Thanks for info and links...

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My un-informed theory is

My un-informed theory is this:

whoever Patterson was going to choose needed to be a woman and pro-gay. Patterson has been firm about replacing one of our State Justices with another woman.

and Patter has been on our side for sometime. Word is he spent a lot of time growing up with gay "uncles".

After Caroline officially made her bid she came out in support of gay marriage.

My wishful theory is that Patterson sat Gillibrand down and said, look if you want the seat you gotta go gay (as i think he did with Caroline).

I think NY much like CA has a lot of monied gay supporters and we make up a pretty sizable demographic in comparison to gays in other states. if Patterson is to get re-elected he needs our constituency on his side as well as the senators of our state.

Though i did hear an interview with the NYT reporter who wrote about the taxes and housekeeper issue, i think it was a easy out for her because Patterson was ready to pick Kirsten. I think that she would've fought it if she really wanted it, see. Geithner. Kennedy is pals with obama lest we forget there is a lot of muscle there.

Heard her first interview today. She seemed earnest... or maybe just stunned that she's gone from obscurity to the lime light.

from the times

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Annie........ thank you for

Annie........ thank you for the link.

LongBeachDogLover's picture

I'm looking forward to

I'm looking forward to learning more about her.

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Okay, this one I'll go along

Okay, this one I'll go along with. Some political experience, pro-equality, yeah, that works.

The word that came down yesterday about Kennedy was she withdrew after the NY Post released unconfirmed salacious gossip about taxes, a problem with her housekeeper, and how those two issues were a current threat to her marriage. The Faux Noise Channel took it from there with all sorts of wild speculation yesterday.

Who owns NYP? Our old friend, Rupert Murdoch

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Since you have your finger on

Since you have your finger on the pulse there in NYC, please keep us informed as to what side of the fence Ms. Gillibrand falls....



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O/T - sort of. Still

O/T - sort of. Still political anyway, and does have a former NY senator in it:

Spectacle of Hope